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Ch.218 Zezhi’s Marriage Arrangement (1)

Early the next morning, Qin Xin learned the news that Gu Jing had specially sent in.

She was left in a slight daze, as she sat stupidly by the window, and hadn't recovered for a long time.

The head maid, Shuxiang, looked at her at a loss, she could only repeat herself, and softly advised: "My lady, the second prince’s feelings towards you are genuine."

She’s just repeating herself! Qin Xin frowned impatiently.

Genuine What's the use of being genuine!

She went from being the second prince’s dignified concubine to a nameless concubine, how could she be willing to accept this ending!

After all, the second prince treated her as if she was nothing…...

Qin Xin bit her lower lip slightly, her gaze flickered.

As far as Qin Xin was concerned, the Qin family couldn’t be depended on.

The only person she could rely on now was Gu Jing.

When Gu Jing ascends to that supreme position in the future, she could still reach the skies in one step!

Qin Xin pursed her lips, and asked with gritted teeth, "Which family will the second prince get married to"

Shuxiang carefully observed her expression, and replied, "My lady, she is the Third Lady Yun Yan from the Weiyuan Manor."

Qin Xin: "Yun Jiaoniang!"

Yun Yan's nickname was Jiao Niang, and she was Uncle Weiyuan Bo’s only daughter, and was extremely pampered in the Yun family.

However, Yun Jiaoniang always loved to compete with her ever since she was a child but often lost to her, so she fell out with her out of anger.

If in the future, Yun Jiaoniang becomes the first wife and she becomes a concubine, wouldn't it mean that Yun Jiaoniang would stand over her for the rest of her life!

With Yun Jiao Niang's ruthless temperament, she might think of ways to compete with her!

This was all Qin Jiu’s fault!

If it weren't for Qin Jiu's return, she would still be the second prince’s fiancee, and the second prince’s concubine would be one of the top noble ladies in this capital, and even a figure that people would be envious of!

Thinking of this, Qin Xin's gaze gradually turned gloomy.

After a while, Qin Xin asked again: "What else did the second prince say"

Shuxiang shook her head.

She too didn't get to meet the second prince, just his message sent by his servant.

Qin Xin gave it some thought and asked for some pen and ink: "I will write a letter in a while, and you can pass it to the second prince."

Shuxiang responded and asked the maid to prepare pen and ink.

She then poured a cup of tea for Qin Xin and brought it to her and comforted yet again, "My lady, you are much better off than the third lady in the Second Prince's Manor, I heard that madam had looked for an ordinary scholar family for her, and the family does not own much land.

In the future, when the third lady gets married over there, she would have to live a mundane life."

Shuxiang tried to say things that Qin Xin loved to listen to.

The corners of Qin Xin's lips curled up slightly, and a smile appeared on her face.

There’s more!

This scholar was carefully selected by Madam Su.

She heard that he was indeed just a twenty-year-old man, he sounded like a young talent.

It's a pity that after the last time he lost to Sunsan, he stopped in his tracks, and spent his days lingering in brothels, as he posed as a lover of culture.

He also picked up on having a mistress and spent all of his family’s wealth.

In the end, he married off his own sister to a wealthy businessman in his fifties and got a large amount of dowry in exchange.

As for Qing Jiu, Madam Su was the aunt from a different branch hence she couldn’t decide on her marriage, but her grandmother could! However, she was someone who was extremely easy to persuade, and believed that Madam Su had really chosen a good pick for Qin Jiu.

Qin Xin gracefully took a sip of hot tea, and felt much relieved, she then said with a slight sarcasm: "If my third sister had willingly got into the arranged marriage with Yeluluan, things might have turned out better.

She could at least be part of the imperial family, a princess, etc., when she marries off to Beiyan in the future, she’ll become the prince's dignified concubine."

"It's a pity, her desires were way too insatiable.”



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