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Matriarch Qin and Madam Su were both startled, and the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law subconsciously looked at each other.

Apart from the imperial decree that the emperor gave to the second prince and Qin Xin to marry, the Marquis of Zhongyi had never been grace to receive an imperial decree for several years now.

The little maid caught her breath and continued, “Eunuch Zhou said that the imperial decree is for the third young miss!”

Matriarch Qin and Madam Su looked at each other again, confused, and with the same question in their hearts: what kind of imperial decree would Qin Jiu have

In any case, since the imperial edict came, the Qin family could only receive it.

Madam Su immediately sent someone to set up an incense table and send a message to Qin Zhun and Qin Zening who were on duty.

The entire marquis family was startled by this sudden decree.

Matriarch Qin and Madam Su pressed their personal feelings, and the rest of the Qin family gathered from all the courtyards to the gate with hurried steps.

Originally, the marquis manor should have been led by the marquis Qin Jun, but because the decree was for Qin Jiu, Qin Jiu knelt at the front, with others clustered behind her according to their status, kneeling one after another on the cold, hard green stone tile floor.

Zhou Xin received five-color silk linen with a woven cloud crane pattern, it was the imperial decree, by an attendant accompanying him.

Smiling kindly at Qin Jiu as if to say that she doesn’t need to worry as it was good news.

Then, he unhurriedly unfolded the imperial edict and began to read it in a long tone.

“To follow the will of god, the imperial edict mandates: I hereby hear that Qin Jiu, the niece of the Marquis Qin Zhun, is of outstanding, gentle, and kind…”

Zhou Xin’s shrill voice echoed calmly within the courtyard.

The emperor first praised Qin Jiu in his decree, with many complimentary words, before turning his attention to Gu Zezhi, the third son of Duan Wang Ye.

Hearing this, most of the Qin family knew what the imperial decree was.

This imperial decree was similar to the imperial decree that the emperor had given to the second prince and Qin Xin before.

Sure enough, the next sentence of the imperial edict mentioned that Gu Zezhi was “at the right time to marry” and said that Qin Jiu and Gu Zezhi could be said to be made in heaven.

All presents were dumbfounded, and no longer know how to react.

They listen to Zhou Xin quickly read the last paragraph.

“….I will herby betroth Qin Jiu to Duan Wang Ye’s third son and be his lawful wife.

The emperor comes here to issue the edict in person!”

After the last word fell, there was no sound and only silence around.




The kneeling crowd was so shocked that they didn’t raise their heads back for a moment.

Even Qin Jiu herself was so shocked that her jaw almost dropped.

The emperor gave her and the golden thigh a marriage!

Did she hear him right!

Qin Jiu has been dumbfounded and made her already pair of round almond eyes glazed rounder.

Seeing that Qin Jiu did not respond for a long time, Zhou Xin cleared his throat and reminded Qin Jiu to accept the decree.

It was only then that Qin Jiu came back to her senses and accepted the decree with her hands held high, saying dryly.

“This daughter of an official thanks Your Majesty for your kindness.”

After Qin Jiu received the decree, Du Ruo hurriedly helped her mistress up, after all, in this cold weather, a girl’s knees could easily get frostbite and it won’t be good.

The others in the back of the Qin family were still foolishly kneeling, with an illusory feeling of being in a dream when suddenly, a cold gust of wind came and hit their faces, blowing a piece of leaf that just hit Madam Su’s face.

Madam Su felt her face slashed cut by the cold wind and hurt like a knife as she blurted out.


How can the emperor give marriage to Qin Jiu!!!

Qin Jiu getting married to Scholar Cheng was already high enough.

How could she marry into Duan Wang Fu’s manor!!

The same could be said to what was Qin Xin’s feeling right now, her face paled as she stared at Qin Jiu’s face who was in front of her, while almost wanting to pinch her thigh.

How could Qin Jiu be given marriage to Gu Zezhi!

Madam Su only felt an inexplicable fire in her heart drifting upwards, and when her brain was hot, she blurted out.

“Is there a mistake”

“Xin’er has already been given to the second prince, and Jiu’er is the younger sister, so how can she be given the marriage to the third prince of Duan!! There is no such thing as a family of sisters given marriage to an uncle and nephew!!!”

Zhou Xin looked at Madam Su with a smirk, and her thin voice carried undisguised mockery.

“Madam Su, the second young miss is just a concubine, how can she be compared to the third young miss!”

What he meant was that Qin Xin was only the second prince’s concubine, the kind who couldn’t even get a jade, so how could she be qualified to discuss any seniority with Qin Jiu!

Qin Xin’s face became even more ugly as if she had been severely slapped.

Madam Su: “…”

Qin Zhun next to her glared at Madam Su, thinking that she still has the audacity to talk.

The marriage decree has been issued, and no matter how unwilling the family was, they should happily accept the decree.

So how could Madam Su unashamedly just drag Qin Xin out


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