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At this moment, Qin Zhun slightly recovered from the shock.

He remembered that Duan Wang Ye and Duan Wang Fei had just entered the capital today and immediately entered the palace, and then the decree to give the marriage came down only a few hours later, could it be that the husband and wife came from the fiefdom, especially for this marriage Wasn’t this too much of importance

“Congratulations to the third young miss.” Zhou Xin smiled and congratulated Qin Jiu.

Qin Jiu, who was still a little confused, held the imperial edict in both hands and slowed down several times before replying.

“Thank you, er, your welcome”*

(*-the same character but has two meanings, first is thank you for the congratulation and the other one is returning the thank you, like the same to you or your welcome)

Eh, something seems wrong!

Zhou Xin smiled kindlier, thinking that the third young miss must be happy!

Du Ruo held her mistress right arm and said to Zhou Xin with a smile.

“Eunuch Zhou, don’t you know that the emperor’s edict to give marriage came at a very timely time Otherwise, Madam Qin will decide for my mistress.”

Du Ruo who came out of Fengluan palace was also very familiar with Zhou Xin and said this as if joking, but Zhou Xin and those who were used to schemes and plots could understand the underlying meaning behind those words.

Zhou Xin waved his silver-white duster, gave Matriarch Qin an oblique glance, and said in a sinister manner.

“To whom is Matriarch Qin trying to fix the third young miss”

Matriarch Qin looked a little embarrassed, thinking of the Cheng family mother and son who were more or less not on equal standing as them.

Du Ruo tenderly smiled as she brightly answered the question.

“A family name with an unrestrained character, Cheng.

I heard that they were invited by madam Su today but unfortunately, this slave has never seen them before.

However, since madam’s remarks are full of over-the-top praises that the stars of literary music will come down to earth, saying he will become a minister in the future, presumably he is a giant among men.”

Qin Zening’s expression changed in an instant right after hearing Du Ruo, and his gaze immediately landed on Madam Su, exuding a sharp and dangerous aura.

He was originally on duty today, but he hurried back because their family was about to receive an imperial edict, only did he know that something like this has actually happened upon hearing Du Ruo!

It was obvious that his younger sister had already rejected this marriage last time but Madam Su still made trouble.

“Second Aunt, what’s going on here” Qin Zening did not hide the displeasure in his heart and directly questioned Madam Su.

“My sister’s marriage, how come I, as the elder brother, don’t know about it”

Madam Su was already unhappy, and now that she was being questioned by Qin Zening in front of Zhou Xin, she couldn’t help herself but said in a shrill voice.

“Ning’er, how can you speak to your elders like this, also aren’t you too busy….”

“That’s enough.” Qin Zhun interrupted Madam Su, his eyes showing displeasure.

This Madam Su really was really being shameless, that she doesn’t even care if Zhou Xin was still here.

She just yells like this.

If these actions reach the emperor’s ears, what would the emperor think!

Moreover, what was actually going on, he hadn’t heard anything of this!

Madam Su’s eyes dodged and looked away.

She didn’t tell Qin Zhun about Scholar Cheng because she knew that Qin Zhun had been instructed by the second prince and wanted Qin Jiu to marry Ye Luan.

The problem was, if the marriage was settled, Qin Jiu would at least get the title of a wang fei or a princess.

Although it could only be a name-only title, Madam Su was still not happy!

She had to step on Qin Jiu at the bottom, had to see Qin Jiu live a miserable life, in order to eliminate the fire in her heart.

Qin Zhun took a look at Madam Su’s appearance, and more or less understand something, he said to himself: one thing is left for you to do, and not only do you fail to do it well, but it gets worse and worse!

There was a saying that one should not expose one’s family’s dirty linen.

In the face of Zhou Xin, Qin Zhun could only smile and say.

“Eunuch Zhou, I’m afraid this is a misunderstanding.

My mother didn’t know that the emperor was going to give Jiu’er a marriage.

She thought it was a good idea and wanted to see it first.

Now that the emperor has given her a marriage, the Qin family certainly dare not violate the imperial edict.”

Qin Zhun blames Matriarch Qin for everything about Scholar Cheng since Matriarch Qin was Qin Jiu’s real grandmother, and it was reasonable to arrange a marriage for her.

Even the emperor could not say that Matriarch Qin was at fault.

Matriarch Qin almost wanted to hit her son’s face on the spot but could only press her lips tightly as her face sank.

Madam Su echoed and said, “that Scholar Cheng is the top scorer, who took the last provincial local examination.

He is a young talent, with real ability, and is elegant.

Matriarch Qin also thinks that this man is really good, so she wants to introduce Jiu’er.”

Now, she could only say this, at least not to make the emperor feel that they were treating Qin Jiu badly.

Madam Su extremely loathed Du Ruo, the master and slave were both the same, if not for Du Ruo blubbering too much, how would Zhou Xin ask about Scholar Cheng!

Zhou Xin smiled very kindly.

“In that case, I’d like to meet the scholar.”

Qin Zhun reluctantly smiled: “Eunuch Zhou, you are a very busy man, a mere scholar cannot enter the eyes of the eunuch.”

Qin Zhun knew that his wife, Madam Su must have told Qin Jiu that this Scholar Cheng was a perfect match for her!

He covered it with his sleeve, took a red envelope, and put it in Zhou Xin’s hand only to be blocked back by the other side lightly.

“Marquis, this servant still wants to meet this man.” Zhou Xin was smiling on his face, but his tone carries an unquestionable strength.

Zhou Xin was a grand eunuch beside the emperor, and it was not Qin Zhun, a loyal and righteous Marquis who had long been marginalized in the court, who could offend him.

Seeing this, Qin Zhun could only take back the red envelope in embarrassment and order.

“Go and call Scholar Cheng.”

Zhou Xin added: “Since Scholar Cheng’s own mother is also present, let’s call her along with him.”

Qin Zhun: “…”

The momo looked at Qin Zhun and hurriedly went to the mother and son.

Not long after, Scholar and his mother were brought over by the momo.

Madam Cheng’s face was full of displeasure, while walking, she rambled.

“This marquis really are unruly, leaving us there for so long, and no one even came to ask how we are.

In my opinion, it’s better not to marry a girl from this marquis.”

“Mother is right.” Scholar Cheng’s tilted his chin up with a lofty look on his face, even looking at the people as if he was looking from the corner of his eyes.

Qin Zening looked at the shameless mother and son, fuming.

How dare they say this to his sister!

“……” Qin Zhun was also a bit embarrassed.

Scholar Cheng was a scholar after all.

Looking at Zhou Xin’s appearance and dress, he knows that this was the eunuch sent by the emperor to pass a decree, and looking at the person’s uniform, he also identified him as a fourth-rank inner servant.

Although this eunuch is castrated, he is still able to speak before the king.

It seems that this marriage is good.

Alas, he was a talented scholar but unfortunately, he has not met someone with good judgment.

The third young miss Qin was someone without culture but seeing that the marquis and the eunuch who serves the emperor’s side were able to talk like this, she was a good choice to be his wife.

If the marquis could help him say good words to the higher-ups, then it would be beneficial to him even if he was a little wrong, he would just endure it.

He just hoped that the third young miss was at least beautiful, and no matter how bad she was she must be virtuous.

Scholar Cheng thought while darting a quick glance towards the surrounding marquis ladies but didn’t dare to look more.

“Eunuch.” Scholar Cheng haughtily arched his hand to Zhou Xin, as a salute.

Madam Su said hurriedly: “Eunuch Zhou, this is Scholar Cheng, the scholar, he is always immersed in reading.

He is somewhat inarticulate…”

Her smile was forced, her tone stiff, and she was on the verge of sounding like everything she said was making it up when she was always so articulate.

Qin Zhun was unable to maintain the smile on his face, if not for Zhou Xin who was still here, he really wants to slap Madam Su down.

Zhou Xin listened with a smile and said smilingly, “it looks pretty good.”

Both Qin Zhun and Madam Su breathed a sigh of relief.

The next moment, Zhou Xin turned around and said again.

“I heard that the madam has a daughter that is yet to be married, since the emperor has given marriage to the third young miss, and scholar Cheng is born ‘outstanding’ then this good marriage should be given to you, give to the madam’s biological daughter, so as to not waste it.”


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