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Chapter 235- Kowtow


Gu Zezhi listened with a smile and his eyes only showed serenity, it seemed that Duan Wang Ye’s words did not affect him.

When Duan Wang Ye saw this, he seemed to have let out a heavy sigh, unable to give him a stern scolding he had planned to say.

He changed his tone stiffly and asked, “The emperor said that you wanted this marriage yourself”

“Yes.” Gu Zezhi nodded slightly.

Duan Wang Ye’s right hand made a fist and tapped twice on the small square table wood beside him as he said disapprovingly.

“This marriage is decided hastily.”

In recent days, Duan Wang Ye has also inquired about Qin Jiu to the people he knows.

The third daughter of the Qin family was not a secret in the capital.

It was said that the girl went missing when she was young and grew up as a commoner it was just a few months ago that she recognized her ancestors.

Wang Ye has no problem with this, it was just he also heard that this third young miss Qin was unruly.

With the support of Empress Wei, she has become arrogant and insolent.

She not only openly disagrees with her cousins in the manor, but also doesn’t take the madam seriously.

Truth be told, she was nothing out of the ordinary if it wasn’t for the fact that she has the title of the late marquis’s daughter.

If it wasn’t because of this, there was no way that the emperor would act as a matchmaker, otherwise, how could she be worthy as his son’s wife!

With Third Young Miss Qin’s background, she was obviously not considered as a proper and decent daughter of the marquis, and her parents who were now dead were of no help.

Although she has Empress Wei as her backer, the Duan Wangfu was far away from the capital, so she couldn’t easily find Empress Wei to complain about, and in the future, she would be unable to raise her head in front of the heir’s consort.

So he has to say, this was actually good for him.

The manor would be able to reduce a lot of unnecessary disputes.

But this marriage has wronged Zezhi.

“Zezhi…” Duan Wang Ye wanted to say that his marriage had wronged him and would ask his mother to choose a few concubines in the manor for him, but before he could say anything Gu Zezhi interrupted him.

“Father, Third Miss Qin is very good.” Gu Zezhi solemnly expressed his stand.

No one could force him to marry anyone unless he wants to.

Duan Wang Ye looked at him deeply, sighed, and said: “Zezhi, you are blaming this father of yours.”

“In those days when Xidi violated the border, this wang ye led his troops to resist the border.

But at that time there was no heir to the Duan Wangfu and this made the army uneasy, therefore, this wang ye take the lead and made your eldest brother as the heir to reassure the army.”

“Later, you were born, I know it is not your fault.

In fact, you have been loyal to the people and the army and can fight well but I can’t abolish your eldest brother for no reason.”

“Although you are the legitimate son, your eldest brother is the heir of the wangfu, and the title will be given to your eldest brother in the future.

This will not change!”

What Duan Wang Ye meant by saying this was to tell Gu Zezhi that he was forced by the situation to establish an heir, and since an heir was already established, it would not change again.

In Duan Wangfu, though Gu Zezhi was his legitimate son, Gu Chenzhi was the heir apparent.

This was something that was irreversible!

Duan Wang Ye looked at Gu Zezhi who was three steps away and instead of seeing a cloudy, gloomy face, he saw a calm and serene Gu Zezhi.


Whenever his son was like this, he could never guess what he was thinking.

Duan Wang Ye could only finish his words by himself.

“Now that the emperor has given you a job, you should do well and make some achievements.

At that time, I will give up my old face and go to the emperor to ask a title for you.

At least I can get you general, I won’t treat you unfairly in the future.”

Duan Wang Ye was quite prestigious in the imperial family.

Over the years, he has performed extraordinary feats in guarding the Western border.

He knows that if he asks, the emperor would probably agree.

Gu Zezhi smiled and finally opened his mouth.

He said.

“Father, this son has never been interested in the title heir apparent of Duan Wangfu.

This son has said this several times, but father never seems to believe it.”

“In that case, this son has an idea to solve this once and for all.”

Duan Wang Ye: “”

Gu Zezhi said, “Father, let’s split the family.”

“Nonsense!” Duan Wang Ye blurted out without thinking, his eyebrows furrowed.

Gu Zezhi did not panic, and calmly went on to say, “Father, why did you say that”

“I am the legitimate son, which cannot be changed.

The emperor also prefers the legitimate rather than the concubine born.

Father must have been instructed by the emperor recently.”

“In this case, if father separates me, there will be no more disputes between the concubine born as legitimate heir in the Duan Wangfu, and this son will be a son of a high official instead a prince.”

Duan Wang Ye: “….”

Duan Wang Ye wanted to say not to mention this again, but he hesitated.

The sentence “there will be no more disputes between concubine born as legitimate heir in Duan Wangfu” said by Gu Zezhi spoke his heart.

Throughout the years, Duan Wang Fei has been very amicable and has managed the wangfu smoothly.

He never needs to worry about the affairs of the inner court.

In a few years after Zezhi has grown up, he had become popular in the wangfu and because of this, the once peaceful wangfu was now chaotic, especially the wang fei.

She would always say that the heir wanted to harm Zezhi and would make a scene from time to time.

Even this trip of Zezhi to the capital was no exception.

If Zezhi hadn’t talked nonsense in front of the emperor, how could the emperor misunderstand that the heir couldn’t afford to tolerate his brother!

The heir was the successor of Duan Wangfu.

He was brought up by Duan Wang Ye from a young age and valued him while Zezhi was his only legitimate son, whom he had been waiting for more than ten years.

Of course, he also valued him.

After all, both the palm and the back of the hand were made of flesh.*

(*-to both of equal importance)

The emperor had urged him when he entered the palace last time to renounce the concubine-born heir, he just delayed the emperor by saying “I’ll think about it.”

Perhaps it would be better to separate the two sons.

Speaking of which, there was also a precedent in the imperial family for the married sons to be separated from the main family.

Duan Wang Ye’s eyes flickered for a while before he said, “…… This wang ye has to think about it.

You go back first.”

Looking at Duan Wang Ye’s expression, Gu Zezhi knew that he was already thinking positively of the idea which made the corners of his lips curl up.

“Father, this son will leave first.”

Gu Zezhi stopped while he was still ahead and backed out.

He was really not interested in the title of heir apparent.

The title obtained by his father could not be compared with the one he earned himself.

He exposed the heir about the attempt assassination, to give the emperor the reason to call his father to the capital.

The purpose was to split the family into two, so as to prevent Xiao Jiu from marrying far away, and to prevent her from being angry with the heir’s consort in Luoyang in the future.

After splitting the family, the “gifts” given for the past years should be well sorted out and returned one by one!

As for the title.

Gu Zezhi thinks he has to work hard!

He couldn’t just be an ordinary patriarchal clan until the big wedding.

He has to get an even more prestigious title for Xiao Jiu as soon as possible.

Thinking of Qin Jiu, Gu Zezhi’s expression softened.


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