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However, Marchioness Su was right.

Qin Gui had to acknowledge her ancestors and return to the clan, otherwise her sister and brother-in-laws spirit in heaven would not rest in peace.

As for Qin Xin…if they want to keep her, they can keep her for all I care.

Empress Wei sneered in ridicule and then winked at Mother Xu.

Whereupon Mother Xu retreated and bought Qin Gui over not long after.

These days, Qin Gui had been feasting on delicious food in Empress Weis palace.

The maids in the palaces had also nursed her skin and maintained her hair.

In just a short span of a few days, she looked far different than before.

Today, she was wearing a beautiful beizi with red butterflies and flowers embroidered with silk and a water-red pleated skirt with a tight waist.

Her dark apricot eyes set off nicely the two buns tied with blue silk ribbon and the two pomegranate beads with rubies on her temples.

Her facial features were exquisite and beautiful.

When her petal-like red lips were slightly pursed, a pair of dimples appeared on the side of her lips.

When she walked in, she took everyones breath away with her elegance.

Madam Qin and Marchioness Su were slightly taken aback.

They had expected Qin Gui to be vulgar.

They had wanted to teach her from the beginning after taking her back so that she doesnt disgrace herself outside.

But now the manner and demeanor of the girl before them had completely subverted their thoughts.

“Greetings, Auntie.”

Qin Gui bowed to Empress Wei.

A gentle smile appeared in Empress Weis eyes when she looked at Qin Gui.

She didnt want to restrain Qin Gui too much but at the same time, she was afraid that she would be looked down in contempt when she returned to the marquis mansion.

So, she asked Mother Xu to tell her a little bit of the rules.

She wasnt aiming for Qin Gui to be proficient but in just a few days, she had learned to this extent.

This kid is quite smart like her mother!

Empress Wei was happy but at the same time, she felt more pity for her.

Empress Wei beckoned Qin Gui to her side and introduced both sides with a smile, “Little Gui, this is Madam Qin and Marchioness of Zhongyi Marquis Mansion.”

“Madam Qin, this is Little Gui.

Qin Gui is the name given to her by we.” Empress Wei took Qin Guis hand affectionately and winked at her meaningfully.

It was a grace and honor to have a name bestowed by the empress.

Later, when the Qin Family calls Qin Guis name, they would always remember this point.

Qin Gui smiled slightly, understanding the kindness of Empress Wei.

She then bowed to the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo in the most standard manner.

“Greetings, Madam Qin, Marchioness.”

“Good girl.” Madam Qin felt inexplicable emotions when she looked at her eyebrows that bore startling resemblance with her daughter-in-laws.

Before meeting her in person, Madam Qin felt very little for this granddaughter.

The person she cared about the most was Qin Xin, whom she had raised by herself.

But at this moment, when Qin Gui stood before her, Madam Qin suddenly felt something subtle as if her feelings had softened towards her.

This is really the granddaughter whom I have held in my hands in her infancy.

Facing Madam Qins complicated gaze, Qin Gui smiled slightly with an air of warmth and elegance.

“Little Gui, you can go with your grandmother and Marchioness Su back today.” Empress Wei said with a smile.

“When the Qin Family has opened the ancestral hall and you have acknowledged your ancestors, we will pick you up to stay in the palace.”

Empress Wei was raising this point to Qin Familys matron to state that she would take Qin Gui into the palace at any time to prevent her from being bullied in the Qin Family.

Qin Gui responded with a yes in a cutesy manner and with a lovely smile on her face.

Then, Empress Wei sent them off.

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