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The new Rubiks cube had a hint of soft fragrance from the pine wood and paint.

Qin Jiu held the cube and played for a while, each turning of the cube was smooth.

In comparison with the modern world, the cube highly resembled theirs, and it was crafted rather exquisitely, with vibrant colors painted on it, attracting the others attention.

After seeing the Rubiks cube, Gu Zhen liked it very much.

Qin Jiu only taught him once, and the little fella could already play with it on his own.

“Click, Click, Click….”

The rotating sound of the magic cube echoed in the air.

Gu Zhen seemed to have something on his mind.

After playing with the cube for a while, he could not help but rant towards Qin Jiu softly:


Let me tell you a secret.

Yesterday, mama was scolded by the dowager during the morning greeting.”

“The dowager told the empress that she should mind her own business.”

“She even reminded her that the imperial noble consorts last name was “Liu”!”

“Cousin, what does it mean to mind your own business” Gu Zhen looked up to Qin Jiu, his innocent face looked puzzled, “Did my mother do something wrong”

Gu Zhens words were not clear, but Qin Jiu roughly understands what he tries to convey.

She had been staying in the palace for a while, and knew that the Empress was still investigating the incident when Gu Zhen fell into the waters of Qing Jing temple, her sources led her to the imperial noble consort.

These days, Empress Wei had been using the reason of managing the cost of the imperial harem and released a group of palace maids from the place, removing all of the imperial noble consorts spies in the palace.

Qin Jiu still had no idea that the imperial noble consort was not only the biological mother to the second prince, Gu Zhen.

She was also the Empress Dowagers niece and had the same last name, “Liu”.

Therefore, it could be seen that the dowager was helping the imperial noble consort.

Qin Jiu gently touched Gu Zhens head, and explained: “What the dowager meant was that my aunt shouldnt be a busybody, but..….”

She stopped, and continued,” But, my aunt is the Empress, the lord of the imperial harem, she has the duty and responsibility to manage the place, this is her right and power.

Qin Jiu lowered herself, looked in his eyes, and said slowly: “So, my aunt isnt wrong.”

“Ok!” Gu Zhen smiled, on his cute chubby face, was a bright smile.

He nodded his head strongly, “ I believe you!”

Gu Zhen felt relieved now!

Although he had no clear idea what did the dowager mean, Madam Lee had secretly told him that the dowager was angry at the empress, and asked him to advise his mother to apologise to her.

Only then, the dowager would calm down.

Gu Zhen was slightly confused, but he still felt that something wasnt right.

Hence, he whispered and asked Qin Jiu.

Now that Qin Jiu told him that the empress was right, and everything was fine!

Gu Zhens gaze was bright and full of trust, he said: “Actually, the Empress Dowager doesnt like me at all.”

He was only four, but every time he spoke about this, he couldnt cover the sadness in his eyes.

“The empress loves Zhen, the emperor likes Zhen, and I also like Zhen.” Qin Jiu said in a happy tone, “Those who dont like Zhen, we shouldnt force them to.”

“Ok!” Gu Jin nodded his head strongly again, the corners of his lips showed a shallow dimple.

Thats right, he still has the empress, emperor and cousin Jiu!

Gu Jins vision fell on the Rubiks cube that was held in Qin Jius hand, furrowed his brows, he pointed at the cube and said:” This is wrong, you should turn it the other way round!”

“No! It should be on the right side.” Qin Jiu persisted.

“Cousin, if you dont believe me, you will regret your decision!”


They talked and laughed, and no one noticed that Empress Wei was standing outside the door quietly for quite a moment.

Empress Wei didnt go in, she turned around and left.

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