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“Jiu, take some time and finish reading the account book..….”

Empress Weis gentle voice echoed in her ears, however Qin Jiu was so immersed in the bad news that she was about to get married, she couldnt take in anything else.

During the weekdays, Empress Wei would normally handle the palace affairs.

However, she wanted to teach Qin Jiu, so she slowed down her pace.

Before lunch, Madam Xu went out, when she came back, she reported: “Mistress, the empress dowager had already instructed someone to the Jing Zhao residence to fetch the priest, Yun Guang.”

Empress Wei elegantly placed down the spoon in her hand, her pinky finger raised slightly, and she used a napkin to wipe the corner of her lips, nodded and said: “Where are they right now”

“They are in Ci Ning palace, preaching and walking through the medicine prescription.” Madam Xu answered.

Empress Wei instructed with a smile : “ Could you please visit Ci Ning palace, inform them that I know that the dowager believes in Taoism, and have specially prepared a place for the priest, Yun Guang to preach nearby the Ci Ning palace……”

Madam Xu then stepped back after accepting the order.

Empress Wei meaningfully looked at Qin Jiu and winked.

Qin Jiu smiled, her eyes were shaped like crescent, she looked innocent and naive.

It was Qin Jius idea, to intentionally leak the news to the Emperor Dowager that Yun Guang was locked in the Jin Zhao residence.

“Jiu” Emperor Wei confirmed again, “ Are you sure that theres something wrong with the pills”

Qin Jiu firmly nodded her head

She was sure that there was something wrong with the pills, and that they couldnt be consumed for a long period!

Empress Wei trusted Qin Jiu, and did not question further.

She then switched the conversation and said: “Jiu, after youve finished your lunch, you must finish looking at the account book.”

Qin Jiu: “……”

Thinking about the bunch of numbers and traditional chinese words, she suddenly felt that the dishes before her were not as scrumptious anymore.

The Empress Dowagers birthday was on October 21th.

That morning, the glamorous Lady Qin brought her daughter in law, Su and Qing Xi along to the palace.

They first greeted Empress Wei in the Feng Luan palace, just before they stepped into the main palace, they saw Qin Jiu that was sitting beside Empress Wei.

Lady Qin and her daughter in laws gaze fell on Qin Jiu.

They hadnt seen her for 10 days, she looked so different than before.

Her skin became fairer, and her temperament had changed, with a hint of confidence and elegance.

The corner of her lips pursed up, she looked calm and relaxed, she had the aura of a noble daughter from a well-known family.

Lady Qin had mixed feelings.

“Greetings, Empress Wei.”

After they bowed to Empress Wei, Lady Qin frowned and said to Qin Jiu: “Jiu, you should follow us back home today.

Dont trouble the empress by staying in the palace anymore.”

That day, after Qin Jiu rushed out from the Rong He hall, Lady Qin was shocked, and she didnt know how to respond.

Qin Xi, on the other hand, was worried: “Grandma, would the third sister complain about us to Empress Wei It is better for me to just head to the village……”

After hearing what Qin Xi had said that day, Lady Qin felt very angry and chose not to enter the palace from then on, thinking that Qin Jiu would apologize one day.

In contrast, not only did Qin Jiu not give in, she even started to comfortably settle down in the palace.

At this moment, seeing Qin Jiu at Empress Weis side, like a pair of mother and daughter.

Lady Qin felt embarrassed.

No matter what, she saw Qin Jiu, and there was no excuse to not bring her back today.

Qin Jiu smirked, and didnt reply to Lady Qin.

Empress Wei slowly used the lid of the tea cup to wipe off the residue floating on the tea, she said in a calm tone: “Lady Qin, do you admit to your wrongdoings now”

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