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By the time they headed out, Xiao Ze was a completely different person.

He transformed from a noble young master living the lifestyle of a prince to an ordinary young man with dark skin.

The conical bamboo hat concealed half his face and he wore coarse clothes.

Xiao Ze even specially changed up his walking pace.

Unless it was someone extremely familiar with him, they probably wouldnt be able to recognize him at first gaze.

After they met up with the group, they headed out.

The bodyguards from the escort place rode their respective horses but arranged a horse carriage for the two.

They even specially arranged another carriage as the “item” they had to protect.

The group left Yaoqing County in low-profile, but when they left the city, they were subject to inspection.

The officials were lifting up portraits of a couple in their thirties.

Apparently, they killed someone in the neighboring Jiangyu County, and then escaped.

Seeing that Qin Gui and Xiao Zes ages didnt match, the officials immediately let them go.

Qin Gui was still very nervous after leaving the county, scared that Xiao Zes enemies might find them.

But they seemed to be quite lucky, and the journey was pretty peaceful.

However, it was also a bit uneasy on the way.

According to the novel, because of the emperors muddle-headedness in his later years, Da Qi ended up going downfall.

Because of the past emperors suspicions of him, he was put on house arrest for countless years.

As a result, he was quite dispirited and unhealthy.

Although he had ambitions, he couldnt change the face that Da Qi was slowly meeting its end.

Especially how there were all sorts of corrupt officials and bandits.

On their way, they met refugees escaping from Huaibei to down south.

They encountered two groups.

Thankfully, they had bodyguards so they avoided a lot of trouble.

To Qin Gui however, her biggest issue was her haunting nightmare.

She had the same dream every night.

She was running her best in the snow up until she died with an arrow pierced through her heart.

After she was startled awake by her nightmare again, Qi Gui leaned against her bed blankly.

Cold sweat had drenched her clothes, and it was sticking to her.

It was clear what happened within her dream.

She could even tell when she was about to die.

But no matter how she tried to escape, she was unable to escape that ending.

She couldnt tell herself that it was because she had been thinking too much in the day.


Qin Gui murmured to herself.

Could it be that the original body was unresigned to this ending, so she wanted her to change the tables around


Qin Guis heart raced suddenly as if someone was responding to her.

“It cant be!”

Qin Gui wanted to cry but there were no tears.

Was she that unlucky and had to go to the marquis residence to battle the heroine

Qin Gui threw herself back in bed, disappointed.

She couldnt fall back asleep again.

Therefore, the next morning, Xiao Ze saw the girl walking out of the room with her head down and she got into the horse carriage numbly.

She didnt say anything either, just sitting there alone blankly.

She knitted her brows for a while and then clenched her fists.

Then, she bit her lips, wanting to cry.

It was fascinating watching her expressions change.

Xiao Ze found this interesting.

He was idle and bored, so he casually picked up a persimmon from the fruit tray and shoved it in her mouth.

Qin Gui subconsciously bit it and then cupped the persimmon with her hands, eating it blankly.

After she finished the persimmon, Xiao Ze shoved another pastry in her hand.

Qin Gui seemed to be in a partial dream state, so she continued to eat with a blank expression.

Xiao Ze thought that even if he shoved pepper in her hands, shed still eat it.

Xiao Ze lifted his brows and asked, prompted by a sudden impulsive, “Girl, what are you thinking about”

“Whether to recognize my family or not.”

Qin Gui responded while she was at it.

After she finished, she just realized that she stated her thoughts out loud.

Her words were like water poured out.

Since she already said this, she couldnt take her words back.

Qin Gui could only act like an ostrich.

Having nothing to lose, she told herself that they were going to part ways soon, so there was nothing to worry about.

Thats right!

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