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Imperial Noble Consort Liu, on the other side, immediately smiled and chimed in: “The empress is right, the emperor does seem to be more energetic these days.”

Empress dowager Liu listened, she felt at ease and was instantly energised.

“Empress dowager is right.” Empress Wei said lightly, with a smile on her lips.

A few of the eldest princesses that were present, silently gazed at Empress dowager Liu, Empress Wei and Imperial Noble Consort Liu, but none of them spoke.

Empress Wei grasped the handkerchief in her hand, and said: ” Yun Guang, can I take a look at the medicine”

“Of course.” Yun Guang looked calm, he took out a pill from his wide sleeve, and respectfully presented it to Empress Wei.

Qin Jiu sat beside Empress Wei, looked up at Yun Guang, and smiled slightly.

Her eyes bent along with her smile, sweet and innocent.

But in the eyes of Yun Guang, the delicate little girl in front of her seemed wicked.

Yun Guang gulped, and his hand that was holding the hossu trembled slightly.

Qin Jiu glanced at the pill in Empress Weis hand, and asked with a smile: “Yun Guang, can cinnabar also be used to make the pill”

If someone else dared to question his pill in front of the Empress dowager, Yun Guang might still be reluctant to deal with the other party, it was better to let the Empress dowager to suppress her power on the person.

But when faced with Qin Jiu, she felt frustrated and politely explained: “The girl knows something, cinnabar condenses the spiritual energy from heaven and earth.

It can destroy villages, keep the evil away, attract blessings and so on.

In our Taoist alchemy, the most important element is the cinnabar.”

Yun Guang said patiently, with a gentle expression and a polite tone, as she feared that Qin Jiu would attack her if she was upset.

Qin Jiu curled his lips and smiled, “When I was in Jin County, there was a squire named Master Cheng in there who was also a believer of Taoism.

He often invited priests to preach.

Last year, Master Cheng got a prescription from a priest and learned how to get the furnace started and make alchemy.

But how could one ordinary person be able to master this skill that easily.”

“At the beginning of this year, a spiritual old man with white eyebrows happened to pass by the county by chance, and happened to meet Master Cheng in a Taoist temple.

The old master only glanced at Master Cheng and said that his life was almost coming to an end and Master Cheng got so angry at him..”

“Master Cheng is only thirty-five years old, just in his prime years.

Seeing that the old priest cursed him and said that he would die at such a young age, he almost wanted to brawl with him.”

“There were also many visitors at the time.

Some visitors asked the priest why he said this.

The old priest said that although he did not know Master Cheng, he could see that Master Cheng was taking pills all year round and said that the pills that he was taking were the wrong ones.

“Also, that pill was very unpredictable, and the effects of it differed greatly.

Not only would the wrong medicine be ineffective, but it will hurt ones body and the toxins from the pill will enter into ones body.”

As she said this, the smile on Qin Jius face deepened, looked at Yun Guang and added: “However, the pill cultivated by the priest, Yun Guang must be different.

“……” Yun Guang moved her eyebrows, she felt that Qin Jius remarks always seemed to have another layer of meaning to her words, and she dared not respond casually.

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