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Both Elder Lady Qin and Lady Su looked at her in shock as they couldnt believe their eyes.

Especially Lady Su, the astonishment plastered on her face was hard to miss: Qin Jiu was just a small girl from a village, how could she be favoured by the Empress Dowager!!

“……” Qin Xin stared at Qin Jiu intensely, her gaze was focused and deep in her own thoughts.

Elder Lady Qin had just listened to Qin Xin talk about Priest Yun Guang, but she couldnt quite believe it.

She tentatively asked Qin Jiu what the Empress Dowager Liu had said to her and why she would suddenly gift her with these jewelry.

However, no matter what Elder Lady Qin asked her, Qin Jiu only smiled politely in response.

Not long after, she simply walked out of the main hall to change her outfit.

The hall was filled with the smell of food, mixed with hints of cosmetics, incense.

As compared to the stuffy atmosphere inside, the air outside the hall felt refreshing, the cool autumn breeze brought along the fragrances of flowers and plants.

Qin Jiu was the not only one who came out from the birthday banquet for a breather, but a few other ladies who attended the banquet, they all walked out for a breath of fresh air, all using the same excuse as hers.

Qin Jiu looked at the pond not too far away from her, there was no one there so she started walking towards it.

The closer she got to the pond, the stronger the wind blew at her, her gown flew up like a butterfly along with it.

Qin Jiu pressed down on her tossed skirt, the handkerchief in her hand accidentally slipped out and was blown away by the wind, it happened to land on the branch of a willow tree by the lake.

When the wind blew, the branches of the willow tree started swaying back and forth……

Qin Jiu strode forward, and wanted to get back her handkerchief, but she didnt notice that Qin Xin was looking at her from the rocks not far behind from her.

Qin Xin stared intensely at Qin Jiu.

Since Qin Jiu had returned to the capital, her plans were all ruined.

First, she was exposed by Qin Jiu in the Sheng Hua Pavilion in front of everyone, and now even Priest Yun Guang was taken down……

If this continues on, will she be replaced by Qin Jiu as the second princes wife, shell then walk down the old path like what had happened in her previous life again, expelled from the capital, and die in a foreign land!

No, she will not let the same things happen again!

If only Qin Jiu never showed up!

Qin Xins gaze was focused, she quietly approached Qin Jiu, step by step, even if the two were still far apart, but she was so driven by the hatred in her heart, she subconsciously stretched out her arm.

In front, Qin Jiu, who was by the lake, was reaching out to grab the handkerchief on the willow tree.

The wind blew, the branches swayed, and the handkerchief was not too far away from her.

As she lifted up her gown, Qin Jiu stepped on a rock next to her, and shifted closer towards the direction of the lake……

“Little girl!”

Suddenly, a clear and gentle male voice came from behind her, the familiar voice that sounded cheerful frightened Qin Jiu.

She turned her head and saw that a few steps away, Gu Ze Zhi was slowly walking towards her and a slight smile flashed on his face.

The sun softly outlined his handsome face, his black hair that resembled the colour of a crows feather gleamed under the golden shimmer of the sun.

“Big Brother.” Qin Jiu smiled at him fakely, and thought in her heart: Is he following me!

Her right foot was still placed on the rock, and her left foot was dangling off the ground in midair.

“What are you doing” Gu Ze Zhi twitched the corner of his mouth and smiled slightly.

Qin Jiu said in a serious tone: “Big brother, the view from here is pretty good, so I climbed higher to take in the view of the lake……”

Gu Ze Zhi raised his eyebrows, he didnt even say anything.

However, his expression seemed like he was resisting the urge to smile, it was like he was saying to her, is it

Looking into his bright eyes, Qin Jiu kept quiet and jumped off the rock.

Gu Ze Zhi took two steps forward, his left hand lingered around her waist, maintaining a slight distance, without touching her with the palm of his hand.

Qin Jiu landed steadily on the ground.

She raised her finger and pointed at the square handkerchief that was hanging on the branch.

This time, she honestly confessed: “I dropped my handkerchief.”

“Ill help you.” Gu Ze Zhi took two steps forward.

He was tall.

With a casual raise of his hand, he got a hold of the lilac-colored handkerchief.

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