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“Now that Yun Guangs scandal is known to the world, its as if Sister Jius words were the truth.

If we dont bring her back to the Hou Mansion, wouldnt the Empress Dowager think that we believe in Yun Guang and not in Sister Jiu”

Elder Lady Qins heart skipped a beat, her expression changed.

Yes, this is indeed true!

No wonder the Empress asked her yesterday if she knew what she had done wrong…… it was because of this! Elder Lady Qin was being too paranoid

“Tomorrow.” Elder Lady Qin was anxious, “Tomorrow I will head to the palace and bring back Sister Jiu!”

Later that night, Elder Lady Qin tossed and turned in bed, she had a hard time falling asleep and basically just stayed up all night.

The next morning, she handed over her identity card and walked into the palace.

This time, as soon as she saw Empress Wei, Elder Lady Qin immediately admitted to her mistake: “Empress, I was wrong.”

Empress Wei slowly brushed away the tea foam with the lid, she glanced at her slightly after hearing this, and said, “Youre wrong about”

Elder Lady Qin hurriedly said: “I shouldnt treat Sister Jiu unfairly.”

Sigh, who would have thought that Yun Guang was an evil cultivator that was deceiving the whole world!

“I shouldnt have proposed to send Sister Jiu to a faraway village, nor should I have said that Sister Jiu was selfish, and forced her to kneel down and admit to her mistakes.”

“Sister Jiu didnt do anything wrong that day.

Yun Guang said, in front of so many people, that Sister Jiu has the fate of alonely and cursed star and Sister Jiu naturally wouldnt agree to it.”

Elder Lady Qin looked pale.

She couldnt sleep last night as she was deep in thought.

If she listened to Qin Jiu at that time, then would Qin Jiu not choose to leave

Why didnt she listen……

At that moment, Qin Xins figure flashed by Elder Lady Qins mind, she immediately shook her head, Qin Xin did not intend to blame Qin Jiu, and she should not blame her too.

However, Elder Lady Qin still felt slightly uncomfortable.

“Your highness,” Elder Lady Qin raised her head after realizing that Empress Wei did not speak for a long time, and said again, “Let me take the child back.

I will treat her fairly from now on.”

Elder Lady Qin swallowed her pride, she just wanted to take Qin Jiu back as soon as possible.

At this moment, a middle-aged servant came in, Empress Weis personal maid, You Bai, went out with the servant for a few words, she returned and whispered in Empress Weis ear.

Empress Weis eyebrows furrowed.

When You Bai finished, Elder Lady Qin continued, observing her words and expression: “Your highness, we will enter the ancestral hall in five days time, it is time to record Sister Jiu in the genealogy.”

Empress Wei placed the tea cup in her hand down and said, “Jiu is with the Empress Dowager.

You may stay here first to wait for her return.”

Seeing as Empress Wei finally gave her words, Elder Lady Qin hurriedly answered in agreement, she felt relieved.

Not long after, Qin Jiu returned to Feng Luan Palace.

Qin Jiu was wearing a carmine red dress and a gorgeous gold collar around her neck.

The collar was covered with intricate and exquisite patterns of lotuses and clouds, and a ruby the size of a quail egg was embedded on it, it immediately attracted Elder Lady Qins gaze.

The bright red ruby gleamed, reflecting onto Qin Jius beautiful hazel eyes.

After Qin Jiu had paid her respect, Empress Wei smiled and said, “Jiu, this golden collar was the Empress Dowagers favorite during her early years.

It suits you perfectly.”

Elder Lady Qin was startled.

This golden collar was a gift from the Empress Dowager Liu

She couldnt help but remember the box of jewelry that Empress Dowager Liu had given Qin Jiu at the banquet yesterday.

Empress Wei glanced at Elder Lady Qin that was next to her, she then continued: “Your grandmother knows that she has falsely accused you, and she admits to her mistake, Jiu, you can go back with her.”

Qin Jiu obediently agreed.

Elder Lady Qin was quite anxious at first, she was afraid that Qin Jiu would not be willing to go back with her, but now she felt completely at ease.

Empress Wei ordered the maid to pack for Qin Jius stuff, she then took her hand and led her to the direction of her bedroom.

As she walked, she said to Qin Jiu: “Jiu, I have a head veil made out of rubies.

It will go well with this gold collar.

Follow me and well try it out.”

Empress Wei took Qin Jiu to her bedroom and asked her to sit in front of the dressing table, she personally put on the veil, a pair of earrings and a bracelet for her, and said: “At first, I was planning to let you stay here for a while more and leave your grandmother hanging.

However, the Emperor sent someone to inform me that Ye Lu Luan from Bei Yan asked you to be his wife.”

What! Qin Jius eyes widened, she blinked over and over in disbelief.



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