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So hungry.

Youyou is so hungry.

Under a tree whose leaves were sparse and half-dead at first glance, Xu Youyou, who was only three years old, leaned against the tree trunk lowered her head and touched her growling belly with a babys fat little face wrinkled into a ball, written full of unhappy three words.

She was obviously at a carefree age, but she realized the troubles of survival too early.

This afternoon, the orphanage was so generous that each child was given a big drumstick, a treat that is usually reserved for New Years Eve or birthdays, so naturally everyone was very happy.

Xu Youyou will save the delicious food for last.

Who knew that before she could enjoy this big meal, a few older children led by Huahua snatched the drumstick when Grandma Dean and the others were not paying attention.

She also threatened Xu Youyou that if she dared to complain, she would rob her food every day!

Seeing a few people take two or three bites of a big fragrant chicken leg and even eat it with oil all over their mouth, it looked very fragrant and delicious at first glance, Xu Youyou held back so as not to cry out on the spot.

It is obviously my drumstick!

She really wanted to rush up and grab the drumstick back and she wanted to tell the Grandma dean and the cafeteria aunt, but but…

Good kids dont fight.

A good kid should be obedient.

No one likes disobedient children.

The words of the aunts and the Grandma dead took root in the young Xu Youyous mind.

She didnt want to be hated by others and didnt want the Grandma dean to worry anymore, so she would rather endure it herself.

“Shit! Endure what to endure!”

This sudden voice startled Xu Youyou: “Who Whos talking”

The little one hurriedly looked around, but the nearest people were so far away from her that it was impossible for them to talk to herself.

Xu Youyou looked up at the tree again but saw nothing.

This voice seems to be …… in my head

The little girl suddenly burst into tears, obviously frightened.

“Dont look for it, you cant see me!”

System 5874 “looked” at the little girl in front of her.

If It had a body right now, It must be filled with hatred and would definitely poke this girls little head.

Dont you know that human beings are guys who get ahead of themselves

If you tolerate it this time, those bullies will only get worse!

There will be a second and third time soon, it is simply impossible to expect the bully to find a conscience.

But the system thought about what Xu Youyou would do in the future, so its not surprising that she would react like this.

Otherwise, when ordinary people encounter those things, they either break out in silence or become perverted in silence.

Only Xu Youyou, the female protagonist of the abuse article, will choose to forgive in silence.

5874 Take a deep breath, its okay!

Isnt It here to change Xu Youyous fate

Under my own teaching, I will definitely let this child know what it means to be “self-reliant, independent, and outstanding women in the new era!”

Now the first step.

First you have to make Xu Youyou trust It, otherwise the next thing will be difficult to operate.

This small world is derived from the book among the three thousand small worlds.

Compared with those worlds with special abilities or cultivating immortals, this world is only one of the insignificant.

The rules are also stereotypical and lacking.

Not as perfect and intelligent as the real world.

The system does suffer from many limitations, such as not being able to reveal a hint of what will happen in the future.

For example, not being able to force Xu Youyou to do something, but it is not completely without room for manipulation.

Otherwise, what is the use of It coming!

System 5874 is proud to think that It successfully graduated from the department of sweet literature of the 2333th system university with the 51349th grade.

Although the ranking is relatively low, It also successfully graduated!

The trouble is that this task level is A-level, and two seniors have failed.

Logically, a novice is not qualified to take A-level task, but 5874 quietly used some small tricks.

Once it successfully completes the task…

[wow, 5874, you are amazing, the first official task can complete A-level!]

[5874 youre the god of our sweet literature department! From now on, the department of sweet literature will be proud of you!]

[Look, look, its 5874.

I heard that the first mission is A-level and was successfully completed!]

Hey hey hey~

5874 feels motivated by the thought of this wonderful image, It will definitely be able to complete the mission successfully!

For this reason, It spent a lot of money to buy the book “Human Cub Raising Handbook” from the database.

It is said that as long as you follow the book, you can raise excellent, confident, and awesome humans!

But first of all, how to explain what It said in Xu Youyous mind.

What kind of identity does It arrange for Itself

—- Youyou, Im a fairy from the sky, who is here to help good children.

No, no, it wont get much favorability at the beginning, the couple will come soon, if Youyou still adopted it will be very troublesome.

— Youyou, I am your patron saint.

When I saw that you were being bullied, I couldnt bear it any longer and appeared.

Three-year-olds shouldnt be hard to deceive, right

After careful calculation, 5874 has already decided that the next step is to instruct Xu Youyou how to fight back against the children who bullied her, and then get the favorability.

Once the favorability reaches 40, It can have a real body.

Many of the next things are difficult to do if It just talk in Youyou mind.

Now lets take a look at Xu Youyous initial favorability for it.

5874 casually opened the favorability query page.

The heroines in this kind of novel are usually soft-hearted and easy to deceive.

They think that the whole world is a good person, and the initial favorability should be at least 10.

Maybe because of my domineering appearance, I can get 20.

If this is the case …


The beautiful reverie came to an abrupt end.

5874 fell silent as It watched the “-20” shining brightly in front of it.

How could it be negative

How can it be negative

So what should It do next!

The favorability level will increase by 60 in one day.

Even if 5874 is very confident in itself, it does not mean that it will only be a daydream.

5874 urgently opened the “Human Cub Raising Handbook”, and took another second to “read” it from beginning to end, but found that there was no way to solve the current situation.

Damn! Is this mission going to end before it even starts

No way! It is 5874, It cant admit defeat!

“Who, who are you”

Xu Youyou asked again, with a trembling in her tender voice, obviously mustering up the courage to speak.

In order to make the children obedient, the aunties in the orphanage would occasionally tell stories about the big bad wolf, in which the disobedient children would be caught and eaten.

Obviously, Xu Youyou regarded 5874 as a bad thing.


In this case, if you were an ordinary child, you would have cried and looked for an adult long ago.

Xu Youyou is definitely a brave child.

5874: “…”

It is silent for a second, the line of sight swept across the entire orphanage, “looked” the humble dinner being prepared in the kitchen, and “looked” Xu Youyous clothes that were washed white and some ill-fitting.

If you cant gain Xu Youyous trust before tomorrow, this task can be said to fail by half.

5874 decided to panic.

[Youyou, dont be afraid, Im your mother.]

When I was in system school, the teacher repeatedly emphasized that favorability obtained through lies will not only be 80% discounted, but will be demolished nine times out of ten, causing irreversible consequences on the task and even triggering blackmailing, etc.

waiting for a bad ending.

In short, it is better to hide than to lie!

But in this case, 5874 really can not think of other ways to quickly grow favorability.


Xu Youyou sniffed, her voice not trembling like before, but she didnt believe it right away.

“Thats right, Youyou, Im sorry.

Mom had some accidents.

Now I can only talk to you like this, but dont be afraid.

Mom will come to pick you up soon.

You can eat a few chicken legs if you want!”

A lie needs millions of lies to defend, 5874 seemed to light up some skills after saying one, and really regarded herself as Xu Youyous mother.

“Will mom come to pick up Youyou”

“Of course, but you need to wait a few days, can Youyou wait”

“Yes, yes! Youyou will definitely wait for mom!”

After three minutes, it seemed that the favorability bar would not move after reaching 80.

5874 breathed a sigh of relief and felt guilty at the same time, but It thought about it, the probability of this lie being exposed is very low, Xu Youyous mother Xu Wenyin was originally an orphan, and she died a long time ago, no one should be able to debunk it.

Now that this favorability level has allowed It to switch to a body with an identity, then It simply uses Xu Wenyins information, even if the current situation allows It to maintain at most two hours a day, it is better than now.

After comforting Itself for a few words, 5874 quickly moved on to the next topic: “Is Youyou hungry”

Xu Youyou lowered her head and bit her lip: “Im not hungry, dont worry mom.”

5874: “…” what!

“Youyou, a good kid cant lie.”

5874 told Itself to be patient, Xu Youyou is still only a three-year-old child, It has to guide her patiently, step by step, and… gan! If it werent for the fear of attracting the attention of the rules, It would definitely scare those little bears.

Those who dare to rob the peoples 5874 covered, have a lot of courage!

“Then, then Im a little hungry.

Its going to be dinner soon.

Youyou can hold on.”

Listening to Xu Youyous cautious voice, 5874s “motherly” heart was instantly aroused, but It also knew that it had to rely on Xu Youyou, a little girl.

this small arms and legs to grab food is impossible, in the case of injury, it is even more of a loss.

“Youyou, do you believe in mom”

Xu Youyou: “”

After a while, Xu Youyou walked to Grandma Wu, the dean who was watching the children playing under the eaves.

Raised her head slightly and carefully tugged at the corner of dean clothes : “Grandma, Youyou is hungry.”

The big wet eyes blinked, like a deer in the forest in the early morning, making people could not help but feel soft and pity.

Grandma Wu smiled: “Youyou is hungry, dinner will be ready soon, can you bear it a little longer”

She still had a few candies, but if she gave Xu Youyou for no reason, it would not be good for other children to see it.

In addition, there are only ten minutes left to leave the meal, Grandma Wu thought that it would not be a big problem for Xu Youyou to wait.

“Okay.” Xu Youyou patted her stomach and nodded obediently.

This cute appearance made Grandma Wu finally couldnt help rubbing her head.

Xu Youyou was born in the orphanage.

So, it can be said that Grandma Wu single-handedly raised Xu Youyou, The little girl is cute and sensible, and her body is very healthy.

Logically, she should have been adopted early.

But I dont know if it was bad luck or not.

There were several interested families, but they always failed due to various reasons.

The delay reached the age of three.


Grandma Wu thought of the couple who had an appointment tomorrow, and hoped it would go well this time.

The conditions in the orphanage are still a bit poor, of course she hopes that Xu Youyou can live in a normal family.

“Youyou is growing, so she has a big appetite.” Grandma Wu smiled and hugged Xu Youyou and let her sit on her lap: “Is the drumsticks at noon delicious It was donated by a kind person, and there will be more at noon tomorrow.”

As a small 18th-tier city, the overall economic level of Yuxian County is quite average, and the conditions of orphanages are naturally not very good.

It is rare to get a few donations a year, and the government gives very limited amounts.

After all raising children is really expensive.

Not to mention that many children in orphanages have various physical and health problems, which cost a lot of money.

So this time, some kind people donated a few boxes of frozen chicken legs, which is also a good thing for Grandma Wu and the others.

“Youyou didnt eat it.”

Xu Youyous answer surprised Grandma Wu: “Didnt Youyou got a drumstick”

“Huahua and the others snatched the drumstick, so Yoyou didnt eat it.”

Thinking of her mothers advice, Xu Youyou gathered up her courage.

After saying this, she immediately lowered her head, as if she was afraid that grandma would think she was disobedient and ill-behaved.

However, it didnt.

Grandma Wu put her hand on Xu Youyous head again, her voice was kind and gentle: “This is what Huahua did wrong.

Grandma will criticize them and compensate Youyou for a drumstick at night, okay”

Brush —

Xu Youyou instantly lifted her head, her big round eyes were full of surprise: “Okay!”

What my mother said was true, it turns out that grandma really doesnt think she is troublesome!

“Well, listen to me, right”

5874s smug voice appeared in Xu Youyous mind again, it knew that this grandma Wu was really kind, and if Xu Youyou said it, she would definitely not ignore it.

Sure enough, at dinner time Grandma Wu compensated Xu Youyou a large drumstick in front of all the children, and also criticized Huahua and a few children, ordered them to clean up the weeds on a vegetable field in the orphanage tomorrow.

Several children dared to speak harshly to Xu Youyou, but they did not dare to resist the adults at all.

Even if they were upset, at least they did not dare to do anything in front of adults.

5874 is also expected to this point.

They will definitely be able to settle down for a few days.

After a few days, Xu Youyou will leave the orphanage.

Who cares if these children will retaliate.

I am such a genius!

The proud 5874 watched Xu Youyou nibbling on the big drumstick happily.

If this in the comics there were little flowers floating behind her, human cubs would be very easy to satisfy.

At the same time, it is already thinking about how to make up for this little girl.

Looking at this thin and small body, if there is a fight is definitely a loser.

That night, Xu Youyou, who was hiding in bed, began to crazy “harass” her dear mother.

5874 doesnt need to sleep, It has to hurry up to prepare informations, and bring Xu Youyou out of the orphanage one day earlier, it will be one step closer to victory.

But the most important thing is to look at tomorrow.

Absolutely absolutely cannot be adopted by that couple!

This couple who prioritized sons over daughters and adopted children only because they heard from the fortune teller that they could “bring a child”, can be said to be the first “abuse” in Xu Youyous life.

One year later, they gave birth to their baby son, Xu Youyou was completely reduced to the “nanny” of this family, being bloodsucked and squeezed, and starting the miserable first half of her abused heroines life.

As for the second half of life…

I cant get pregnant anymore after miscarriage.

Is adopting a rivals child with the male lead count as HE

Anyway, 5874 is disgusted with such an ending, although It is not a human being, It does not have the complicated feelings of human beings, but!

No feelings doesnt mean no three views, 5874 hates those guys who work under the banner of true love.

“Mom, can you pick up Youyou tomorrow”

“Mom, do you and Youyou look alike”

“Mom, Mom, Youyou wants to hear a bedtime story!”

“Mom, are you there”

5874, whose train of thought was interrupted: “…”

How can this kid nagging more than It Is raising a child so difficult In the book it seems to be very easy ah.

But for the sake of favorability and follow-up missions, 5874 worked hard and told Xu Youyou a bedtime story.

“Once upon a time there was a mermaid, one day she encountered a storm while out at sea trip, and a prince accidentally fell into the sea…”

Xu Youyou, who had learned to communicate with her mother without a teacher, closed her eyes and listened to the story.

A cute and well-behaved smile appeared on her face.

The story of the mermaid, she knows it!

Grandma Wu has told it several times, but its still feels different when she hears it from her mother.

Then its time to save the prince, right

“When the little princess saw the unconscious prince, she immediately told the king and queen of the mermaid country, her parents.

Then the king sent someone to rescue the prince and won the thanks of the princes parents.

The two countries established friendly diplomatic relations, is a win-win ending oh~”

Xu Youyou, who had been somewhat drowsy, was instantly awake: “”

Why is it different from what she heard before

Although some words are incomprehensible, but the general meaning can be understood.

Then 5874 said again: “Youyou, did you learn anything from this story”

The book says that a good baby should picked up from an early age, from the usual a small story to establish the correct three views.

5874 once again boasted that It is indeed a little genius who can teach children!

Xu Youyou, who was suddenly asked was stunned.

She couldnt help but opened her eyes and looked at the dark ceiling.

After hesitating for a few seconds, she still remembered replying in her mind: “Mom, Youyou doesnt know.”

5874 is not disappointed, very serious It said solemnly, “This story tells us a truth!”

“When you meet an unconscious and injured man, do not save him by yourself.

You must call the police or ask for help from your elders or parents, understand”

Xu Youyou nodded vigorously: “Understood!”

Actually, I still dont understand, just a little bit.

But it doesnt matter, just listen to mother!

Listen to mothers words, have big drumstick to eat~



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