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The two children here were “happily” playing with building blocks, but Qin Yiren apologized to Xu Wenyin first.

Lu Chenjun’s changes during this time will be shared with her family and husband.

Compared with Qin Yiren, whose relationship only depends on her feelings, it is obvious that her family will care more about something behind the scenes.

Qin’s family history is far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

The main power of her family is not in Jiangcheng, but in the capital.

In order to prevent people from using the child to get close to the Lu family as well as the Qin family, the worried mother Qin asked some people to check the background of Xu Wenyin’s mother and daughter.

“I’m really sorry.” Qin Yiren solemnly bowed her head and said it again.

During this time of getting along, she had already discovered Xu Wenyin’s character of being soft on the outside and tough on the inside.

If it were her, she would be angry if someone suddenly checked her background for no reason, even if it was nothing serious.

Seriously, it can be regarded as a personal insult.

After all, the Xu family mother and daughter don’t owe them anything nor covet their things.

Xu Wenyin did not reply immediately.

When Qin Yiren waited nervously for her answer, Xu Wenyin was also anxious.

What should be the reaction at this time

Angry But she wasn’t angry.

Just checking the background information, Xu Wenyin, as a system, doesn’t think this is a personal insult at all, and she doesn’t have a personality either.

Say it’s okay right away

Looking at Qin Yiren’s reaction, this matter seems to be quite serious, if all of a sudden say it’s okay, will it not look like you are easy to bully

Why is it so troublesome to be a human being

Xu Wenyin immediately started flipping through the book “The Way of Get Along with People” in her mind, trying to copy a perfect solution from the book.

After two minutes.

Just as Qin Yiren was about to wrinkle her skirt, Xu Wenyin finally spoke up.

“So, what did you find out”

There is no answer in the book.

Xu Wenyin can only rely on herself and ask the question she wants to know the most at the moment.

There should be no problem with her identity, and the process of coming back from the dead is reasonable, right

In order to prove her words, Xu Wenyin said those MLM organizations and trafficking groups were all true, she took the risk of being discovered by the rules and found clues from the Internet and then integrated them.

And those organizations don’t know how many people they want to deceive in a month, and they certainly can’t remember whether there was Xu Wenyin.

Even if they categorically say no, I believe the police will just think that those people are trying to get away with their crimes.

After all, their criminal acts are real and there are many victims besides Xu Wenyin.

If Xu Wenyin had not encountered it, how could she know

This problem

Qin Yiren instantly remembered a few words that Qin’s mother revealed to herself.

At that time, she was impatient and angry and immediately hung up the phone, but in just a few sentences, it can be seen that Xu Wenyin’s life is very rough.

Generally, ordinary people will collapse when they encounter one or two things, but she lives a happy life on her own.

But also, there is no trace of resentment, the life is transparent and brilliant.

This made Qin Yiren admire it.

“It’s nothing, Wenyin you’re great, really great! You and Youyou will definitely get better and better!”

Xu Wenyin: “…” What is the answer Why did you praise her suddenly

“Thank you”

Xu Wenyin, who doesn’t know how to react, can only reply to this way.

It looks like Qin Yiren should have found nothing wrong.

That’s good.

Needless to say, the identity and background of Qin Yiren who can marry into the Lu family.

She didn’t find out anything, so the chances of other people finding something wrong are even smaller.

At first glance, this matter has passed, and Qin Yiren quickly said another thing, which is more important.

“Wenyin, do you know Zhou Weimin It’s the boss of the Weimin Group in Jiangcheng.”

Xu Wenyin nodded and shook her head immediately.

In the eyes of outsiders, the only intersection between her and Zhou Weimin should be at the hotel.

Does that count as acquaintance

Xu Wenyin briefly talked about what happened some time ago, including the fact that the Zhou couple originally wanted to adopt Youyou.

Hearing this, Qin Yiren frowned.

“This guy has been looking for you and Youyou.”

Qin’s mother, who received strong condemnation from Qin Yiren, stopped doing anything.

To be honest, with Xu Wenyin mother and daughter background, it is better to say that the coincidence record is bigger than believing that they approached Qin Yiren in a premeditated way.

Since my daughter likes it and my grandson is really getting better.

Qin’s mother is still willing to release her kindness to Xu Wenyin’s mother and daughter.

And the news that Zhou Weimin is looking for Xu Wenyin and the child is one of goodwill.

“This man is crazy about wanting a son.”

Afraid that Xu Wenyin didn’t understand why the Zhou couple wanted to find their mother and daughter, Qin Yiren quickly told her what she had investigated.

She didn’t think she had to hide this kind of thing from Xu Wenyin.

As a single mother with a child, Xu Wenyin was definitely not the kind of weak character who couldn’t stand the storm.

And Zhou Weimin is looking for a master fortune teller.

It’s not a secret in that circle.

If you really investigate it, you can still figure out the ins and outs.

“But it’s strange, you’re Youyou’s biological mother.

How can Zhou Weimin rob it directly Or does he want to pay for Youyou”

Qin Yiren’s idea is based on the master’s words and Zhou Weimin’s desire for a son, which is a normal guess.

But Xu Wenyin knows more.

“He wants both mother and daughter.”

Qin Yiren: “…”

Knowing that Qin Yiren was kind enough to remind her, Xu Wenyin simply extended the sentence “I met at the hotel once” just a little bit.

“Turns out to be so! This scum is really shameless! ”

Even if Xu Wenyin’s narrative is a scene description without emotional color, Qin Yiren quickly guessed Zhou Weimin’s thoughts.

At the same time, she couldn’t help observing Xu Wenyin’s expression and found that she was not very angry, her face remained calm.

As expected of a woman who has been through so much, this mentality is worthy of respect and learning.

Unconsciously, Qin Yiren, who had put a filter on Xu Wenyin’s mother and daughter, angrily slapped down the sofa, causing Xu Youyou to stand up and look over.

“Aunt Qin”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, Youyou you guys keep playing.”

Qin Yiren gave Xu Youyou a reassuring smile, and then looked at her son who didn’t come over from the corner of her eyes.

Damn, this leather jacket is not as sweet as a little cotton-padded jacket!

“Wenyin, don’t worry, I will protect you and Youyou.”

Not to mention the relationship between the two families, even Zhou Weimin’s thoughts and intentions are unacceptable to anyone with a little conscience.

Qin Yiren’s family has a great enterprise.

As long as people take a message that Xu Wenyin’s mother and daughter are under her protection, Zhou Weimin will not dare to take any action.


Xu Wenyin was taken aback: “Do you like me Or Youyou”

Although she has known Qin Yiren for nearly two months, Xu Wenyin doesn’t think that the relationship between the two families is very good.

At best, it’s a casual acquaintance.

The book says that human interaction is about giving to each other.

She doesn’t seem to be giving anything, does she

However, this kind of unilateral giving without asking for return also stated the situation in the book, either parents or love.

Qin Yiren didn’t understand Xu Wenyin’s brain circuit, so she said naturally: “Of course, you are my friend, and Youyou is so cute, who wouldn’t like it.”

“Youyou also likes Aunt Qin and Juanjuan!”

Xu Youyou, who seemed to be playing and was actually eavesdropping, immediately chimed in, making Qin Yiren laugh instantly.

Xu Wenyin naturally heard Xu Youyou’s words.

The “Human Cub Raising Handbook” says that a mentally healthy cub needs a complete family and the company of its parents.

Does Qin Yiren want to be a “father” for Youyou

The system is genderless, not to mention the so-called marriage.

And when she was learning about the culture of Huaguo, she often sees girls, boys and boys calling each other “Father”, plus the first two mission worlds of the system are the existence of same-sex marriage.

Therefore, Xu Wenyin naturally had a misunderstanding.

For a moment, she didn’t think parents had to have a man and a woman.

She looked at Qin Yiren and Lu Chenjun carefully a few times.

She pondered for a few seconds and then seriously patted Qin Yiren on the shoulder: “I agree, let’s get the certificate sometime, but Huaguo doesn’t seem to allow bigamy”

Need a marriage certificate, a person can’t marry different people at the same time, which she, Xu Wenyin still knows.

Qin Yiren: “”

What key conversation did she miss Get the certificate, get what certificate

Huaguo good girlfriend certificate!

After a few back and forth talks between the chicken and the duck, Qin Yiren understood Xu Wenyin’s brain circuit by virtue of her strong comprehension ability, and then fell into a long silence.

She didn’t suspect that Xu Wenyin was playing tricks on her or lying to her but thought of what Xu Wenyin said before about her brain injury.

Xu Wenyin can graduate from a prestigious university; her IQ is certainly no problem.

But the human brain is such a complex and fragile thing, not to mention that Xu Wenyin escaped from the dead, then fell off a cliff, and then hit her brain again.

It is fortunate that a person can survive without missing an arm or a broken leg.

But now there’s just a “small” problem in her brain, which has little impact.

But Qin Yiren still planned to find a brain doctor to take a look at Xu Wenyin, it would be bad if there were blood clots left.

As for the confusing “common sense” problem, it’s just a matter of relearning it slowly.

On the bright side, isn’t it popular nowadays to have a silly beauty setting

And look at Xu Youyou’s white, tender, healthy appearance.

Moreover, Xu Wenyin’s ability to earn money to support themselves, so you know that it doesn’t affect the general life.

Maybe it’s just a gender cognitive error in men and women

And Xu Wenyin also understood that under Qin Yiren’s explanation, not to mention other countries, marriage in Huaguo must be a man and a woman!

Did she reveal something

Just when Xu Wenyin was trying to explain quickly, Qin Yiren comforted her first.

The reasons are all found in advance and completely reasonable.

What a wonderful person this is!

Xu Wenyin felt that if she had her own favorability for Qin Yiren, it must be surging up now.

After the main business is finished, Qin Yiren also mentioned the third thing by the way.

She also wants to ask Xu Wenyin and her daughter to buy school supplies together tomorrow.

School supplies

Xu Wenyin almost showed a confused look again when she heard the words, but fortunately her acting skills were good, and she quickly turned into a gentle smile.

Although I have read the “Human Cub Raising Handbook” several times, my memory is much worse when I become a human.

Xu Wenyin, who didn’t feel it was her fault at all, quickly put the blame on her own body.

Then she began to recall what the so-called school supplies were.

Thought about it for three seconds ……

No Idea!

What else do the cubs need to prepare for going to kindergarten

Isn’t it good to send people directly in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon

Fortunately, these are just Xu Wenyin’s inner thoughts, and she didn’t ask it out on the spot.

Otherwise, it’s not easy for Qin Yiren to make up for someone’s brain again, how lacking in common senses.

“Aunt Qin, no, mom and Youyou are going on a date tomorrow!”

Xu Youyou, who is always distracted, pokes out a small head and interjects: “It’s the first date ~ it’s very important!”

So, there can be no third party!

Not even Juanjuan and Aunt Qin!


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