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In the end, this matter was barely settled peacefully.

Xu Wenyin didnt ask for any compensation, but they rushed to pay for this meal, which was about 2,000 yuan.

She didnt care.

Those who can enter this restaurant will not be short of this money, they will pay if they want.

On the other hand, Xu Youyou still looked annoyed when she got home, and she felt very angry after the quarrel didnt work out.

“Youyou, dont be angry, come and pick your favorite little water bottle.”

Xu Wenyins “mind” controls the shopping page inside the tablet.

There are many lovely and safe childrens water bottles in it.

Xu Youyou glanced at it: “Mom, does it still hurt”

Its all bleeding, it must be very painful, right

“It doesnt hurt, it doesnt hurt, the injury will be healed tomorrow, mom is a fairy~”

When the energy is refreshed tomorrow, it will be a new body again, and this small injury has no effect at all.

But Xu Youyou is still unhappy.

She felt that she was useless.

If she could fight as hard as on TV, she would be able to protect her mother!

“Mom, Youyou wants to be awesome!”


Become awesome

Xu Wenyin instantly thought of the flyer she received when she went to the convenience store to buy food two days ago.

Three classes a week, can teach Taekwondo, Judo, etc.

The man who handed out the flyer saw Xu Youyou and said that such a cute girl must learn these things to protect herself better.

At that time, Xu Wenyin was not tempted, because learning these things was very hard and tiring.

She came here to make Xu Youyou happy, and what would she do if Youyou still worked so hard

But now facing Xu Youyous own request, Xu Wenyin hesitated.

“But if you want to become awesome.”

Xu Wenyins hesitant voice rang out in Xu Youyous mind, “Youyou will have a hard time, and will be injured and hurt.”

“Its okay.” Xu Youyou didnt hesitate at all: “Youyou also wants to protect her mother, and when Youyou is powerful, she can protect herself well~”

This sentence was actually learned from TV, Xu Youyou could feel that Xu Wenyin cared about her, just like the big brother on TV cared about the beautiful young lady.

But the older sister on TV is right.

She cant always rely on her mothers protection.

Its more important to be stronger!

Xu Youyous reasoning persuaded Xu Wenyin very well.

On second thought, she really made sense.

If Xu Youyou has the strength, dont those bad guys only need to be punched when they want to do something

It seems that the scene of Xu Youyou beating the bad guys in a heroic manner when she grows up has emerged in her mind, Xu Wenyin instantly slaps the table and decides: “Okay! Well sign up tomorrow!”

Just do it, without delay!

However, Xu Wenyin did not expect that the plan could not keep up with the changes.

When she was going to take Xu Youyou to the class the next day, she just met Qin Yiren who opened the door to take out garbage while waiting for the elevator.

Before Qin Yiren asked what they were going to do, Xu Youyou waved her small fist excitedly and said that she was going to learn martial arts and beat the bad guys!

“In the future, I will also protect Juanjuan and Aunt Qin~”

The little girls vowed solemn appearance warmed her heart.

Qin Yiren walked out of the house in the next second and hugged Xu Youyou, and then gave her a hard kiss on the cheek: “Youyou is amazing!”

After that, she looked at Xu Wenyin again: “Where are you going to learn Its not a new one outside the neighborhood, right

Youre right.

Xu Wenyin saw that the elevator had reached this floor and was about to pick up Xu Youyou when Qin Yiren suddenly dodged.

Xu Wenyin: “”

Robbing a child in public

Qin Yiren couldnt help laughing: “Hey, hey, the expression is suddenly so scary!”

She stopped teasing people and spoke directly: “Dont go, that kind of class is to fool laymen, and it wastes money if you cant learn anything.”

Qin Yiren said as she held Xu Youyou to her home: “Come and sit at my house for a while.

Ill also send Juanjuan to practice skills two days later.

If Youyou is not afraid of hard work, you can go together.

Xu Wenyin just followed.

Speaking of it, this is the first time they went to Qin Yirens home.

It was much bigger than the one they lived in, and the decoration was obviously more magnificent.

Many decorations looked valuable.

However, Xu Wenyins mother and daughter felt nothing special, and their attention was focused on what Qin Yiren had just said.

“Aunt Qin, is Juanjuan going to beat the bad guys too”

Speaking of Lu Chenjun, he was playing Lego in the living room, when he heard Xu Youyous voice, the little guy didnt lift his head, but the movement in his hand stopped, and then …

He turned over quickly, leaving three people with a back that didnt want to communicate with.

“Yes, Juanjuans father is amazing.

Of course, Juanjuan cant be too bad.

At the age of three, he can just lay the foundation.”

Qin Yiren looked at her sons reaction with amusement, should she say Xu Youyou is awesome

Can make Lu Chenjun, who can make everything unconcerned, show such obvious emotions, whether it is good or bad, makes Qin Yiren very happy to watch.


Sure enough, Xu Youyou didnt seem to feel Lu Chenjuns rejection at all.

After sliding down from Qin Yirens arms, she ran to her little friend and looked at Lu Chenjun with her hands on her cheeks: “Juanjuan, I want to touch your hair.”

Lu Chenjun: “…”

He knew it! This bad deer is eyeing his hair!

However, although he was a little unhappy in his heart, Lu Chenjun felt that it would seem naive to care about such trivial matters with children, so he simply pursed his lips and lowered his head, act as you please.

Then, Xu Youyou did not be polite.

She rubbed it a few times directly, and when she was satisfied, she gave Lu Chenjun the Lego parts in a tacit understanding.

This is probably one of the reasons why Lu Chenjun has been able to tolerate Xu Youyou until now.

Not very smart, but a lot better than those idiots.

Seeing that the two children were playing well, Qin Yiren and Xu Wenyin talked about the topic they had just discussed.

Qin Yiren didnt specify her family social status and background, nor did she talk about the “husband” that Xu Wenyins mother and daughter had both moved here for almost two months but had never met before.

However, from the usual performance of Qin Yiren, it can be seen that her family background is very good.

And Xu Wenyin knew Lu Chenjuns identity, so she naturally had a deep understanding of the novels male protagonists family.

Qin Yirens husband is a special soldier, the uncle of the male protagonist in the novel.

It is said that he cant go home several times a year, and it was already in the state of divorce when it was mentioned.

It seems that after Lu Chenjun died, Qin Yiren divorced father Lu.

After that, Qin Yirens movements were not mentioned in the book.

After all, she didnt even have an official name in the novel.

She was a proper tool person.

“Its about seven days at a time, once every two months, and there will be two or three other children besides Juanjuan, all of whom are about the same age.”

Qin Yiren told Xu Wenyin about the training camp.

To be honest, you really cant get into this training camp if you dont have any connections and relationships.

There must be no problem with Lu Chenjuns family being there.

It is not a big problem for Qin Yiren to bring another problem.

But its still a big favor.

Xu Wenyin considered more.

Parents are not allowed to accompany their children to this training camp.

Even if she can talk with Xu Youyou in her mind, people cannot appear.

In case she gets hurt and cries, she can only watch.

“Its okay, Mom!” Xu Youyou, who was habitually paying attention to this side, put down the parts in her hand and ran to Xu Wenyin: “Youyou can do it, Youyou is not afraid of hard work!”

All right.

She wants to be a parent who respects her children.

Xu Wenyin finally agreed to Xu Youyous request and at the same time thanked Qin Yiren.

According to social rules, she should have brought Qin Yiren some thank-you gifts, but Qin Yiren seemed to have noticed Xu Wenyins common sense to come online from time to time, refused repeatedly, and swore she didnt need these false gifts.

If it was an ordinary person, she might be more polite again and maybe even send something quietly, but replace it with Xu Wenyin, who originally did not have much common sense.

Since they said no, then dont.

It just happened that the first training camp started three days later, and when its over, well finish this one just in time for the start of kindergarten.

The timing was just perfect.

Three days later, a base about forty minutes drive from Jiangcheng.

Xu Wenyin and Xu Youyou were watching Qin Yiren reluctantly admonish Lu Chenjun.

In this training, not only adults cant accompany them, children cant bring anything either.

All that should be there will be prepared, as long as people arrive.

But compared to Qin Yiren, Xu Wenyin and Xu Youyou had no worries about parting at all.

After all, youll be able to “talk” again later, so if you have any instructions, just say it at that time.

“Its you!”

Just then, another luxury car parked beside them, and a couple and a little girl about three years old got off the car.

Coincidentally, it is the bear child who smashed people with a bowl a few days ago, seems to be called Miaomiao

Now she is no longer crying and making a fuss with her red and swollen eyes like before.

At first glance, she is still a very cute little girl, but her expression has a touch of obvious arrogance, which destroys a bit of the childs unique innocence and cuteness.

Seeing this, the parents of the little girl have finally made up their minds to treat her well

Xu Youyou naturally didnt forget the bad child who hurt her mother.

She turned her back directly and perfectly interpreted the seven words “I dont want to talk to you”.

Why does this movement look a bit familiar

Qin Yiren thought for three seconds, and then suddenly realized!

Isnt this the signature move of her familys Juanjuan!


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