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“Well said!”

Accompanied by these words, Xu Wenyin gave a vigorous applause.

Xu Youyous face immediately showed a bright smile: “Mom, youre here”

Of course, in the eyes of onlookers, this smile is more like a smile of victory in the debate, which immediately made Liu Miaomiao puff out her steamed bun face, wanting to refute this sentence, but what is a big pigs hoof

Xu Youyou didnt care about this; she was waiting for her mothers response.

Soon Xu Wenyin ended her applause, although she didnt remember when she said such philosophical and reasonable words, but these are not important, the important thing is…

While Liu Miaomiao was thinking of refutation, Xu Wenyin hurriedly asked, “Youyou, did anyone bully you Especially that Liu Miaomiao, if you have it, you must tell mom! ”

Dare to bully my cubs, it takes minutes to hack your family official website!

Xu Youyou laughed, “No, mom, dont worry, no one bullied Youyou.”

Even so, Xu Wenyin was still a little worried, but she has come over by herself now, so she can know whats going on, so she will skip this topic for the time being.

And Liu Miaomiao really couldnt think of anything to refute, so she snorted gloomily and was not in the mood to continue chatting.

On the contrary, Qian Xin is still interested in asking Lu Chenjun questions.

Qian Xin was specially told by his parents before he came that he could not offend Lu Chenjun, the boy with the curly hair.

But between children, how could such things be remembered so clearly.

Compared with “silly white sweet”1Silly white sweet is a popular term on the Internet.

There are two ways to use it.

One refers to a love story that is generally gentle and sweet, although the bridges are a bit old.

The other is a love story in this kind of love story.

The heroine has no scheming and even a little white personality, but she is very cute and cute and makes people feel very warm.

Qian Xin, Liu Yanzhi is clearly more mature.

He and Qian Xin have known each other since childhood, and they cannot be familiar with each other anymore.

He also knows that his little friend is a natural socializer, so its not surprising that he would do this.

Liu Yanzhi was more curious about Lu Chenjuns reaction.

Xu Youyou and Liu Miaomiao just know seven or eight, and Liu Yanzhi also had a preliminary judgment on the characters of the two girls, only Lu Chenjun, who didnt talk much, was left.

Moreover, he and Xu Youyou are still good friends.

Will they be as good as Xu Youyou

“Juanjuan, why arent you talking”

Qian Xin, that is, Xiaopang.

As expected, really lived up to Liu Yanzhis evaluation.

He called Liu Chenjuns nickname directly, as for why.

Sorry, he also did not remember the big name of Lu Chenjun, Unlike the overlapping words like Youyou Miaomiao, Juanjuan is obviously easier to remember than Lu Chenjun.

Besides, how conspicuous his curly hair is!

Xu Youyou hurriedly interjected: “Because Juanjuan doesnt like to talk! You can ask me.”

There are all kinds of strange children in the orphanage, and Juanjuan just talks less and responds slowly, Xu Youyou is completely acceptable.

As long as she can rub his hair more.

Lu Chenjun: “…”

“My name is.” He paused for a second: “Lu Chenjun.”

Qian Xin: “Does Juanjuan not like to talk”

Xu Youyou: “Un, Juanjuan is very powerful.

He will read many books that I cant understand.”

Liu Yanzhi chimed in: “Wow, did Juanjuan recognize words”

Lu Chenjun: “…”

Did you all learn from Xu Youyou! I said my name is Lu Chenjun!

However, Lu Chenjun finally chose silence.

Forget it, such a trifle is not worth arguing about.

He obviously forgot who was the guy who fought with Xu Youyou for the word “Xiaolu”.

And Lu Chenjuns reaction just confirmed Xu Youyous words, which made Qian Xin and Liu Yanzhi have different impressions on this little friend.

Qian Xin: Mom said that Juanjuans father is a very powerful person.

No wonder he is the same age as us, but he seems to be a lot more powerful.

Liu Yanzhi: This guy is hard to please.

However, Lu Chenjun doesnt care what other people think, and he has no interest in making friends at the training camp. This time, besides exercising …

If this stupid deer2If Juanjuan called Youyous name as Xiaolu, I will use Xiaolu.

But if he refers her like this I will use deer instead.

didnt have me, she would definitely be bullied!

Silly and deceitful, with poor memory!

Maybe someone sold her; she was still smiling and even helped people count the money.

After all, she was someone Lu Chenjun acknowledges, she couldnt be bullied by others.

It took twenty minutes to finish processing these dishes, and the children got another fifteen minutes rest before they could eat.

— I dont feel tired at all.

Xu Youyou thought of the purpose of her coming, and couldnt help asking, “Instructor, when will we start training”

She wants to become very powerful, and then protect her mother!

The instructor pulled the corner of his mouth expressionlessly: “Dont worry, dont cry when the time comes.”

The lunch was really a dish handled by the children themselves.

A simple stir-fried shredded pork with edamame, a shredded cabbage and a braised chicken thigh per person, and of course the free seaweed egg drop soup provided by the cafeteria.

Its actually pretty good for a kid.

This was still cooked separately for them.

Not like other soldiers in the base, they all eat in a big pot.

At least its more abundant than Xu Youyous at home.

But for Liu Miaomiao and the others, it was too simple.

Even Lu Chenjun, dont look as if he and Qin Yiren are the only two people.

But in fact, three nannies regularly come to the house every day to cook for their mother and son, clean up, and handle all the housework.

For example, the ingredients are specially supplied by the suburban manor, freshly picked every day to ensure it is green and healthy.

Otherwise, its impossible to expect Qin Yiren, the big miss who never touches the spring water.

Liu Miaomiao frowned and put the spoon: “I want to eat strawberries!”

The instructor was not surprised, his tone was steady and heartless: “No, you eat it or not, there will be no snacks in the afternoon.”

Qian Xin on the other side also furrowed his nonexistent eyebrows after taking a bite of the chicken leg: “Its not as delicious as my moms cooking.”

While Lu Chenjun carefully picked out garlic, ginger, onions and other auxiliary ingredients there.

Look at his frown, who didnt know would think there was some poison in front of him.

In the end, only Xu Youyou ate the food cleanly and didnt waste it at all.

Other children left some more or less.

The most exaggerated Liu Miaomiao had at least two thirds left.

The instructor noticed it but didnt say a word.

What if the child refuses to eat Just be hungry!

After they ate and rested for half an hour, the instructor took them to an indoor training ground.

“Follow me to do a warm-up first.”

The five children stood in a row, obediently following the instructor to press their legs and stretch their arms, which was somewhat cute in Xu Wenyins eyes.

Especially Xu Youyou, the cutest!

However, after the warm-up, comes the real main event.

“Run around this circle three times.”

As soon as the instructor finished speaking, he had taken the lead in running.

One lap is 100 meters, three laps are only 300 meters, and the speed is not fast, it is not even a walk for instructors.

But its different for children.

Especially Qian Xin, just ran a lap his breathing became rapid, the sweat smeared his whole little face.

“I, I cant do it!”

Halfway through the second lap, the little kids speed was already slower than walking.

But the instructor said, you have to crawl through these three laps!

Finally, everyone, including Liu Miaomiao, completed the task of three laps.

This is not over yet, you still have to stretch and press your legs.

After a set of movements, each child was exhausted and panting, with almost no strength left to speak.

Xu Wenyin couldnt really do anything about it; she could only cheer and encourage Xu Youyou in her mind.

The instructor didnt let them sit down and rest immediately, they had to stand and walk back and forth slowly to calm their breathing, and whoever dared to stop had to be punished for one more lap.

Under the glare of the black-faced instructor, even the most willful and arrogant Liu Miaomiao did not dare to play tricks like before, holding back her tears, moving slowly and pitifully.

She misses her parents and grandma, and she wants to lie in the soft bed at home and hold those cute dolls.

Mom and Dad dont want Miaomiao anymore

Obviously, Liu Miaomiao had completely forgotten what Lius father and mother told her before they came, and she didnt remember what they said to pick up someone seven days later.

She only felt that she had suffered a huge grievance.

She had never been so tired, had never eaten such unpalatable food, never…

The more Liu Miaomiao thought about it, the more she felt wronged, and when the instructor finally let go, he said they could take a rest for ten minutes.

The little girl finally couldnt help crying.

Its not the magic sound of crying like before but weeping in a low voice with her head down looked really pitiful.

Qian Xin was the first to go over: “Miaomiao, dont cry, drink some water.”

He was really not good at dealing with this situation, so he could only look at Liu Yanzhi and Xu Youyou for help.

Dont count on Lu Chenjun, maybe he wont be able to comfort people.

Liu Miaomiao did not respond; she was still there, silently wiping her tears.

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became a little awkward.

When did these three-year-old children suffer such hardships Except for Xu Youyou, who took the initiative on her own, the others were basically arranged by their parents.

Like Liu Yanzhi, it took a lot of effort from his grandfather3maternal side.

to let him in.

Otherwise, how would his father care about his life or death

Therefore, although Liu Yanzhi is young, he knows that training in this training camp is one aspect, and the key is to test the childs character and ability.

His family is different from Qian Xin.

There are four half-brothers and sisters in my family.

If they dont perform exceptionally well, they will be bullied and eliminated.

Therefore, this training he will definitely stick to it.

Liu Yanzhi habitually wanted to take out a handkerchief from his pocket, but when he found an empty hand, he immediately remembered that his handkerchief had not been brought in at all.

Liu Yanzhi, who was missing important props, could only comfortably say: “Miaomiao, dont cry, hold on for a while, and the seven days will pass quickly.”

Probably because there was someone to comfort her again, Liu Miaomiaos cries increased instead of decreasing: “Miaomiao wants to go home now! Miaomiao wants dad and mom!”

Qian Xin and Liu Yanzhi glances at each other, and their immature faces were full of bewilderment.

In fact, they are also very tired, and they just want to sit down, have a good rest and drink water.

Now like this …

I dont know if Xu Youyous reliable image was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but the two of them turned their eyes to Xu Youyou at the same time.

“Mom, do I need to comfort her”

Seeing Qian Xin and Liu Yanzhis eyes looking for help, while they were around Liu Miaomiao, Xu Youyou asked Xu Wenyin a little tangled.

If she was in the orphanage now, Xu Youyou wouldnt ask this question at all, and would definitely surround the crying and sad child, because this is the “right” thing to do.

Be empathetic, be kind and do good deeds.

This is the education she received in the orphanage.

Youyou is an obedient child and has been working so hard.

Just like when she just arrived here, Xu Youyou would be willing to reach out to help a Liu Miaomiao, because she fell down, even if at that time she was also hot and tired.

However, her mother told her many times that she could not be so kind.

“Does Youyou want to go”

Xu Wenyins emotionless voice rang out in Xu Youyous mind.

If you are an ordinary parent, you will definitely get a positive “answer” to this question.

After all, Liu Miaomiao has cried, so lets not talk about anything else.

Isnt it normal behavior to comfort someone

You wont lose anything, maybe you can gain a friend.

But Xu Wenyin didnt want to educate Xu Youyou like this.

Kindness is a good quality, but it should not be too full or even overflowing.

The ones who sent Liu Miaomiao in were her parents, and the training was done together by everyone.

Even if Xu Youyou had better physical strength, she was also very tired.

Why sacrifice your rest time to comfort Liu Miaomiao

Is she seriously injured or in danger

A crying child has milk to eat.

This is a sentence that Xu Wenyin saw from some books in Huaguo.

Dont say is it right Anyway, she doesnt want Xu Youyou to be the one who was robbed of “milk”, much less to comfort and congratulate the person who robbed her.

Just for a “kind” compliment

She hopes Xu Youyou will be more “selfish” and live more for herself.

Furthermore, Xu Wenyin doesnt like Liu Miaomiao at all, not to mention the things she did in the original book.

even these two short contacts could tell that this is a bear child.

Naturally, there will be no heartache and such similar emotions.

Dont say that the child is still young, be generous.

Then her family Youyou is also small, Xu Wenyin doesnt want to tire her own child for a child she doesnt like.

However, these are Xu Wenyins own ideas.

She wont give Xu Youyou full authority.

After all, changing her life is not the process, but the essence.

If Xu Youyou cant stand up herself, Xu Wenyin is useless to death.

At this moment, the calm and ruthless part of Xu Wenyin that belonged to the system finally appeared.

“Youyou doesnt know.”

Xu Youyous voice carried a hint of confusion.

She was so young, how could she think so deeply

Xu Wenyin didnt say anything right away.

What she could do was to guide, she couldnt directly order Xu Youyou to do something.

If Xu Youyou made up her mind, then Xu Wenyin would not interfere.

After a few seconds of silence here, Xu Youyou seemed to finally have her own ideas.

She turned her head to look at Lu Chenjun, who was taking a small sip of water, moved her body closer to him, and said in a low voice, “Juanjuan, if Youyou didnt comfort that Liu Miaomiao, would you hate Youyou”

Xu Youyous question got a “look at the idiot” look from Lu Chenjun.

“What does it matter to me”

This is his rare long sentence.

At first listen, you didnt know whether he was talking about comforting Liu Miaomiao or hating Xu Youyou.

But Xu Youyou instantly understood what Lu Chenjun meant, the smile returned to her face.

“En, Juanjuan is really good~”

Lu Chenjun: “…”


Whats there to tangle about such a trifle

Sure enough, its a stupid deer.

Lu Chenjun took another sip of water, and his eyes inadvertently swept over Liu Miaomiao.

The crying is so noisy, I have to take Xiaolu away from this girl, otherwise what should I do if she gets infected with crying problem

As expected, no one came to continue to comfort Liu Miaomiao, her cry immediately went down.

Therefore, those who went to comfort are fools!

Lu Chenjun added in his heart again, and then quietly used his body to block between Xu Youyou and Liu Miaomiao to prevent eye contact between them.

Qian Xin and Liu Yanzhi saw that Xu Youyou and Lu Chenjun were sitting and resting peacefully without any intention to intervene.

The two also withdrew their sight from Liu Miaomiao and walked to the side to sit and rest in tacit understanding.

I have to say, it feels good to rest~

The instructor on the side watched the whole process quietly but did not intervene.

Whether its Liu Miaomiao crying or Xu Youyou and Lu Chenjun being alone, there is absolutely no right or wrong, but the instructor naturally has his own preferences for this matter.

How to say

As expected, a little girl like Xu Youyou is cuter.

No wonder the bosss young son likes to play with her, this boy is brilliant!

After that, there was no more strenuous exercise.

After the break, the instructor began to teach them how to quickly break free when their hands were tied.

Let Xu Youyou and the others open their eyes.

Obviously tied so tightly, and they checked it out themselves, but the instructor broke free in a flash.

So cool!

This is much more fun than running and stretching!

However, when they really get started, they find that fun is only temporary, and wrist pain is real.

Even though the instructor reduced his strength when tying it up and used the same kind of smooth rope.

But the skin of children is so delicate, everyones arms are all left with different shades of red marks.

If parents see it, it must be very distressing.

More importantly …

“Im hungry!” Liu Miaomiao frowned and touched her stomach: “Miaomiao wants to eat something!”

Liu Miaomiaos temper was really bad.

At first, she was in an unfamiliar environment and her parents were not around.

So, she restrained, but temperament is not something that can be changed in a day or two.

And she didnt think there was anything wrong with eating.

Grandma has always told Miaomiao to eat whatever she wants, and not to eat what she doesnt like.

The Liu family is not short of this meal.

Therefore, in terms of picky eaters, Liu Miaomiao can be said to be at the top of the list.

For example, she only ate a few bites at noon, which is already very good in Liu Miaomiaos eyes.

Otherwise, with her picky eating level, she wouldnt eat a single bite.

In fact, not only Liu Miaomiao, but also Qian Xin were a little hungry.

He looks chubby and not picky about food, but actually he just likes his mothers cooking, which is called a delicious food on earth.

Qian Xins mothers cooking skills are certified by the State Banquet.

Under the influence of this kind of food, it also led Qian Xin to have a little bit of an inability to eat some ordinary food.

He only ate more than half of the lunch, which was naturally not enough with his food intake.

But he wouldnt say it directly like Liu Miaomiao, because Qian Xin also vaguely understood that he was hungry now because he didnt finish his meal at noon.

“Theres still an hour before dinner.

Bear with it.”

The instructor announced mercilessly, and then continued to instruct several people how to get rid of the rope.

Painful, tired and hungry, Liu Miaomiao finally couldnt suppress her temper and broke out completely!

“I want to go home! Woohoo! I want to go home! Go home!!!”

She sat down on the ground, picked up the ropes and water cups, etc., and threw them around without looking at anyone nearby.

Qian Xin was accidentally hit because he was close.

Fortunately, Liu Yanzhi pulled him away in time to avoid more injuries.


Qian Xin rubbed the arm that was hit, this Liu Miaomiao looks like a small one, how the strength is so strong!

Seeing this, Xu Youyou was quick-eyed, and without Xu Wenyins reminder, she pulled Lu Chenjun and hid behind the instructor.

Liu Miaomiaos lethality has been seen by her.

Of course, it is safer to hide behind adults.

I just dont know how the instructor will handle it.

It will be the same as before or…

Xu Wenyin detests tone: “Tsk, Youyou, stay away from that Liu Miaomiao.”

I dont know what the couple would think when they saw their daughters virtue behind the screen.

Its best to feel distressed and then give up this training camp, otherwise she was afraid that Liu Miaomiao would hurt Xu Youyou.

Xu Wenyin guessed half right.

This training ground was naturally surrounded by surveillance.

Parents can watch their childrens situation through their mobile phones, but they cannot express any opinions on training meals, etc.

If they couldnt stand it, they could take the kids away.

The training camp wont even persuade to stay for a second at all.

As soon as Mr.

and Mrs.

Liu got home, they even put aside the companys affairs.

They couldnt wait to open the monitoring and observe the situation of their baby daughter.

Especially when Liu Miaomiao was crying in a low voice before, the distressed mother Liu wanted to bring people back on the spot.

Father Liu was still rational, and he repeated what the two said when they made up their minds, and only temporarily dispelled Mother Lius thoughts.

If Grandma Liu hadnt returned to her hometown during this time, this plan would not even be possible to carry.

As a result, seeing that Liu Miaomiao was hungry and crying, the couple felt distressed again.

There are rules in the training camp, except for the clothes you wear, you cant bring anything, let alone snacks.

Mother Liu had turned her back and couldnt help but quietly wipe away her tears, who didnt know what kind of torture Liu Miaomiao suffered.

It is said that behind every bear child there is a pair of bear parents.

Although this couple is not really bears, but in the education of their children is really too much spoiled.

“Wife.” Father Liu took a deep breath and turned off the phone: “Dont look at it.”

“Look at the other children, which one is like our Miaomiao If I could raise her for the rest of her life, it would be fine, but things are unpredictable, I cant make this guarantee!”

Lius group is now looking after the family and doing great things, but Father Liu feels his conscience and says that he has caught the wind of the times and there is luck in it.

Once he falls, the entire Liu family foundation will be scattered.

Therefore, even if he felt sorry for his old woman, Father Liu made this decision after thinking hard all night.

“Husband! What nonsense are you talking about!” Mother Liu quickly covered Father Lius mouth: “Bah away quickly! How can these words be said carelessly!”

After this operation, the two parents calmed down.

Especially mother Liu, she gritted her teeth and looked at Father Liu: “When Miaomiao comes back, transfer and go to that kindergarten!”

Not to mention the matter of picking up Liu Miaomiao, she obviously understands that she really wants her daughter well.

This step is required.

“I see that little girl Youyou is a good girl, and since the young master of the Lu family is also going.

You will always be able to show some face in the future.”

Father Liu frowned slightly: “Ill take another look; it would be best if the Qian family and the Liu family could be together.

Otherwise, our family will be too deliberate, and the Lu family and the Qin family will definitely have opinions.”

“Wait, Ill call the Qian family first to apologize, Miaomiao hit other peoples children, even if it was not intentional, the heart of the parents must also be uncomfortable.”

Is the seemingly “coincidental” training of five children together really a complete coincidence

The Liu family4Liu Miaomiao family.

is mainly engaged in real estate, and the Qian familys catering is famous in the entire Huaguo.

There is also the Liu family5Liu Yanzhi family..

Although the current head of the Liu family is somewhat criticized on the matter of men and women, there is no denying the position of the Liu family in the Internet industry in recent years.

Which of these three companies is not the top three in their industry, but none of them can compare to the Lu family.

No, to put it more strictly, it should be the union of the Lu family and the Qin family.

The representative of the two families is naturally Lu Chenjun.

So, to be able to enter this training camp, the parents of those children do not know how much effort they have put in behind the scenes.

After all, childhood friendship is the most precious thing.

They belong to the long line to catch a big fish, blocking it.

Except for Xu Youyou.

In one afternoon, it was enough for the three families to get the basic information of Xus mother and daughter.

Frankly speaking, such a family, even if the experience is very tortuous, usually they dont care much.

People from two different worlds.

But when Xu Youyou and Lu Chenjun became good friends, and Qin Yiren specially warned Zhou Weimin as the Qin family, the meaning was different.

Not only the Liu couple is struggling here, but the other two families are similar, but these have nothing to do with Xu Youyou for the time being.

Liu Miaomiao said she was hungry, but she had the strength to cry, and it wouldnt stop.

After ten minutes of break, she cried for ten minutes.

When the instructor started the second round of teaching, she didnt stop, but the instructor completely ignored Liu Miaomiao, took the four children to the other side of the room and then continued to teach.

As if Liu Miaomiao had become invisible.

“Hahaha, I like this instructor.” Xu Wenyin laughed in Xu Youyous mind: “Youyou, do you still want to comfort Liu Miaomiao”

Xu Youyou was dual-minded.

Her eyes are fixed on the instructors movements, but her brain is seriously answering Xu Wenyin: “No, Juanjuan was right! What does it matter to me ”

The way Liu Miaomiao was, did she have to comfort her every time she cried This kind of “good thing” Xu Youyou didnt want to do.

I could help Liu Miaomiao when she falls, but I dont want to comfort her when she just cant adapt to this environment and cries.

It was Liu Miaomiaos parents who made the choice, and I didnt feel sorry for Liu Miaomiao.

After thought about this, the little girl just felt relaxed all over, and even studied more seriously.

Xu Wenyin also noticed this change, she quickly took out her mission report, and happily wrote on it: Teaching children you have to guide them patiently and systematically,6循循善誘 is an idiom derived from the works of literati. This idiom means to be good at guiding others to learn step by step . Partially formal structure, generally used as predicate, attributive, adverbial in sentences, with commendatory meaning.

Im awesome!

Also, with the change of Xu Youyous mentality, the mission progress has increased by 1%, from the original 13% to 14%.

Even if only a little is added, it is worth a big meal to celebrate.

Its better to take action.

She will order takeout in the evening.

Anyway, there is nearly half an hour left in her body time today.

Xu Wenyin has long been craving for the three sets of night snacks in the Human Forum, and this is a rare opportunity that cannot be missed!

At 4:30 in the afternoon, four children sat in the familiar cafetaria again and began to process the vegetables they needed for dinner.

And Liu Miaomiao practiced alone with the instructor, because the instructor said that if the task was not completed, there would be no food.

Looking at the instructors previous cold and ruthless appearance, it was clear that what he said was true.

After confirming that her parents and grandma would not come to pick her up, Liu Miaomiao could only practice alone with her red and swollen eyes, the process is very slow because of hunger.

When all four children had finished eating, Liu Miaomiao came late.

“Because you didnt participate in the labor, it is reasonable to say that you dont have dinner.” One step behind the instructors sentence which just stopped, Liu Miaomiaos tears came down again.

“But for the sake of the first day, you can have some with us.” The instructor added the next sentence slowly, that is, eat with the soldiers.

This time, Liu Miaomiao didnt dare to be picky about food, and she didnt dare to waste it.

Those dishes that she usually despises quickly disappeared in her hungry mouth, its good to eat.

“The instructor is amazing.”

Xu Youyou, who witnessed the whole process, chatted with Lu Chenjun in a low voice.

The instructor obviously didnt do anything, didnt train anyone, and didnt hit anyone, but he could make Liu Miaomiao obedient.

Lu Chenjun: “… so-so.”

This kind of move, he read in a book when he was two years old, and probably only a three-year-old kid would be tricked.

Lu Chenjun was thinking about whether Liu Miaomiao would make trouble in the next few days and how the stupid deer would react, when he felt his sleeves being pulled.

When he turned his head, he saw Xu Youyou blinking her big eyes and showing a brilliant smile to him, she also did not forget to stretch out her right hand and sway it in front of him.

“Juanjuan, Ive washed my hands~”

The meaning couldnt be more obvious!

Lu Chenjun: “…”

Is his hair that good to touch!

Feeling the increasingly skilled hair-smoothing skills on the top of his head, Lu Chenjun seriously thought: If I say I want to shave my head after going back, will my mother agree

Qin Yiren would definitely not agree, and Lu Chenjun couldnt really shave his head.

He could only decide with a hint of revenge that if there were any nasty green peppers for lunch tomorrow, he would put them all in Xu Youyous bowl!

At 8 oclock in the evening, the five children jogged for three more laps.

With the help of the instructor, they pulled their tendons and reviewed what they had learned during the day.

Finally, they could rest.

Afterwards, they washed up with the help of the cafeteria aunt and the instructor respectively, and then sat neatly on the small bench for children.

Several little guys looked at the instructor in front of them with sparkling big eyes…….

the tablet in his hand.

The instructor just said that because their performance today is barely acceptable, they will be given a chance to video chat with their parents for half an hour.

Of course, only the instructor himself knows how much exaggeration and motivation are in this sentence.

Soon, all five children were given tablets, and familiar faces appeared on the screen.

“Mom and Dad!”


“Wohoo, Miaomiao misses you so much…”


The sound of crying sounded in this cement room.

This time, not only Liu Miaomiao, but also Qian Xin wiped his tears.

It seemed like a short day, but it was a long time for these children, and they were so tired and hungry in the middle, and there were….

Too many, too many words that only turned into cries when they reached the mouth.

Even looking at the mature Liu Yanzhi, his eyes were red in front of his grandfather.

After all, he was only three years old.

In such an atmosphere, Xu Youyou and Lu Chenjun seem a bit out of place.

Forget it; Lu Chenjun is a mystery itself.

Its better to expect money to fall from the sky if you expect him to act like a spoiled brat.

So, Qin Yiren also calmly asked Lu Chenjun what he did during the day and what he felt, even if these could be seen from the monitoring, she also wanted to talk to her son.

Fortunately, Lu Chenjun gave face this time, although there were still few words, every question was seriously answered, also its kind of filial piety, with a touch of warmth.

When the instructors line of sight turned to Xu Youyou, he couldnt help blinking his eyes hard, and even some doubted the scene in front of him.

“Youyou, hiss — its so spicy!”

Xu Wenyin had known about this half-hour parent-child time, so she showed up at home early to get ready.

It just so happened that there was still half an hour left today, but this way, her food plan for supper would have to be delayed, at least until after twelve oclock.

But Xu Wenyin hasnt eaten anything today, and she was really….


She quickly realized that chatting with Youyou would not delay eating, and most of the words they had already said were finished.

So, when the video screen opened, besides Xu Wenyin, there was a lot of food in front of Xu Youyou.

Relying on her body to eat without worrying about any problems, and Xu Youyou was not around, Xu Wenyin ordered a tableful this time.

Spicy pot-stewed, fried chicken, grilled meat skewers, and iced milk tea… One cup is dissatisfied, the delivery fee doesnt matter.

Xu Wenyin ordered three cups directly.

She wants to try all three flavors!

gudong gudong

She drank half a cup of refreshing watermelon bobo in one go, the spicy taste in her mouth finally eased, and Xu Wenyin smiled and burped.

“Ah, thats cool.”

After saying that she also sighed: “Unfortunately, the book said that you are still young, you cannot eat these.”

“But this fried chicken is really delicious!”

Kacha kacha

Its the sound you make when you bite into the crispy puff pastry, just listening to it… very fragrant and delicious.

At some point, the parents of the four children noticed that their childrens eyes were not on them, just when it was strange.


I dont know where I heard the sound of swallowing, and there was more than one sound.

Seeing this scene, even the self-proclaimed ruthless instructor wanted to ask a certain parent: Personnel 7人乾事 Personnel is an acronym for 這是人乾的事嗎 “Is this what people do” The term can be used to rant, or to express sincere appreciation for some feat or difficult work that is beyond the reach of ordinary humans. Whether it is positive or negative depends on the context.





Snows note: I planned the schedule for this novel to be Mondays and Tuesdays.

But unexpectedly chapter 15 turned out to be worth the previous 3 chapters length.

Because I have plans to take one more novel to translate.

If the length of the next chapter is the same as chapter 15, I will probably only release one chapter per week.

Then, dont hesitated to tell me if I made a mistake in grammar or typo, you cant comment here or discord.

Have a nice day everyone.

1Silly white sweet is a popular term on the Internet.

There are two ways to use it.

One refers to a love story that is generally gentle and sweet, although the bridges are a bit old.

The other is a love story in this kind of love story.

The heroine has no scheming and even a little white personality, but she is very cute and cute and makes people feel very warm.2If Juanjuan called Youyous name as Xiaolu, I will use Xiaolu.

But if he refers her like this I will use deer instead.3maternal side.4Liu Miaomiao family.5Liu Yanzhi family.6循循善誘 is an idiom derived from the works of literati. This idiom means to be good at guiding others to learn step by step . Partially formal structure, generally used as predicate, attributive, adverbial in sentences, with commendatory meaning.7人乾事 Personnel is an acronym for 這是人乾的事嗎 “Is this what people do” The term can be used to rant, or to express sincere appreciation for some feat or difficult work that is beyond the reach of ordinary humans. Whether it is positive or negative depends on the context.-

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