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For Zhou Yan, the three of them going out for a night snack, was also a unique experience.

Zhou Mingfeng drove, Zhou Yan sat in the back seat obediently, and Jiang Jinjin sat in the passenger seat.

Only when the car slowly left the forest villa area, Jiang Jinjin reminded him in time: "Stop at the convenience store.

I haven't even bothered to go up and take a look today."

Today was too busy all day, she just looked at the business situation sent by Xu Congjian.

Zhou Mingfeng parked the car steadily in front of the convenience store, Jiang Jinjin unfastened her seat belt, got off the car and walked into the store quickly.

She had told Xu Congjian a long time ago that there were hardly any guests this evening, and he could close the door and have a good rest, but Xu Congjian was very serious and sincere with his work.

He also opened the shop in the evening.

This made her feel that she was lucky enough to hire such a responsible employee.

Xu Congjian was not asleep at this point.

He was sitting at the cash register reading a book.

He heard the "Welcome" sound.

He looked up and saw that it was Jiang Jinjin, and handed her the printed cash register list.

Jiang Jinjin looked at his face without fatigue, and smiled: "You don't sleep at night"

Xu Congjian was stunned.

Obviously he did not expect that she would ask this question.

He used to wear a pair of rimless glasses when he was reading.

He pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and his voice was still so clear: "I usually go to bed after twelve o'clock."

"How long do you sleep"

"Five or six hours."

Jiang Jinjin frowned: "That's too poor, there are few people at night, you can close the door early.

You are still growing."

Probably Xu Congjian and Zhou Yan are classmates.

Even if she knows that he is over eighteen years old, she still treats him like a child like Zhou Yan.

When Xu Congjian heard the word "growing", there was a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.


Jiang Jinjin knew that he had responded every time, but in the end he would open the store late.

She picked up a big paper cup, stood in front of the oden pot, and took a deep breath, "I went to several convenience stores in the past two days to try their oden, and I don't think it tastes as good as ours.

Lets wait until month end's turnover.

I'm definitely going to invite an internet celebrity to come over to test and evaluate it, and it's sure to drive business by then."

[T/N: Can someone please tell me what this is...]

The current oden is improved on the original basis by Jiang Jinjin and Xu Congjian.

It is very watery and very tasty.

The main credit is still Xu Congjian, Jiang Jinjin is only responsible for the taste, and because of the improved oden recipe, Jiang Jinjin also thought about it.

In the future, she wants to give Xu Congjian a little performance salary.

This performance salary is also the same as the oden cooking.

Xu Congjian nodded: "Yeah."

He doesn't talk a lot, but he gives people a very reliable feeling.

Jiang Jinjin chose some oden and added some soup before he said to Xu Congjian: "It's getting late now, just close the door."

Xu Congjian responded.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the business list, Jiang Jinjin, as the boss, has to pay by the machine every time she takes anything.

Returning to the car, Jiang Jinjin took a deep breath and took a bite.

She couldn't help feeling: "Xu Congjian is really good.

He has improved this oden recipe.

It is much better than other restaurants.

I heard that He has been cooking and eating by himself since elementary school.

He has some experience.

Hey, Zhou Yan, do you want eat"

As she asked, Jiang Jinjin quickly ate two skewers, then handed the big paper cup back.

Zhou Yan also took it, sniffing the smell, his stomach began to become dishonest.

After eating less for dinner today, now the gluttons are aroused, and his stomachs growl.

He was also not polite.

Speaking of Xu Congjian, Jiang Jinjin also opened the chatterbox, "Xu Congjian is very sincere and I keep asking him to close the door early.

He will still open until late.

Just now he said that he only slept for five or six hours, and he was still full of energy the next day.

Hey," she sighed from the bottom of her heart, "young people just have good energy."

Zhou Mingfeng paid close attention to the road conditions ahead, and paused after hearing the words, "Xu Congjian This name is a bit familiar."

"Didn't you have dinner together that day" Jiang Jinjin came with interest.

"Just the tall, handsome and handsome guy, you're familiar with it.

When the parent meeting was held last time, the parents said that Xu Congjian was very smart.

Every time he takes an exam, he ranks first in the whole year, and he is very bright, how good, who doesn't like such a smart and hardworking student."

It's no wonder that Xu Congjian didn't get the identity of the male lead or male partner in the original text.

He looks like a person who is struggling to learn.

It doesn't seem like the type a girl would like it at all.

Zhou Yan slowly slowed down his eating speed.

"This is someone else's child." Jiang Jinjin said, "Don't tell me, I admire Xu Congjian's mother, how could she give birth to such a smart and sensible child."

Zhou Yan: "..."

It is implied.

Zhou Yan is in stark contrast to Xu Congjian.

Although he is not at the very bottom in every exam, the results are enough to make parents disheartened.

He knew that it was not a good thing for his father to ask him to go for a night snack.

Zhou Mingfeng, who has been driving, suddenly asked, "Does he do very well"

"That's right." Jiang Jinjin has a good memory, so he reported the total score of Xu Congjian for the final exam.

"Almost all of them get full marks.

How long is this head, so powerful."

Zhou Mingfeng chuckled lightly, "Yes, it's not bad."

He paused, "If this score is tested in a domestic school, as long as the performance is normal and stable, he should be able to pass the entrance to my alma mater."

Jiang Jinjin said, "Yeah, I forgot if you didn't mention it.

You used to be a Super Master Learning God when you were studying."

Zhou Mingfeng's tone was humble, "It's okay."

Zhou Yan: ""

He shouldn't have come for a night snack.

Doesn't it taste good to eat some bread and snacks at home

Why sit in the car and listen to these words

He has good reason to suspect, maybe they both told him on purpose to let him know how much food and scum he had.


He wants to get out of the car.

The three came to a private restaurant.

This restaurant usually closes at ten o'clock in the evening.

They came at the right time.

At this time, there were no people in the store.

They found a quiet corner to sit down.

Jiang Jinjin and Zhou Yan were hungry, so they ordered a table of specialties.

Then gearing up to wait for the food.

While waiting for the food to be served, Jiang Jinjin took out her mobile phone and calculated the calories.

"I'll finish eating early.

If it's not too late when I get home, I'm going to take a swim and burn calories.

Even if it's too late, it seems a bit inconvenient, isn't it Zhou Yan"

Jiang Jinjin knew that Zhou Yan's room was above the pool.

She was afraid that Zhou Yan would have a rest after swimming so late, so she said in a smooth way.

When she said this, Zhou's father and son had different expressions.

Zhou Yan also thought of the scene he saw last night, "Yesterday I..."

When he saw his father come in holding her yesterday, she also saw him.

Now that he mentioned what happened yesterday, he naturally wanted to explain, he didn't mean to walk out of the room at that point, he was just a little hungry.

Zhou Mingfeng knew what Jiang Jinjin meant.

She was just afraid that swimming would disturb A'Yan.

But it was obvious that A'Yan had misunderstood what she meant, and there were signs of leaking what happened yesterday.

Zhou Mingfeng said calmly: "That is inconvenient.

The temperature is lower at night after all, so don't swim anymore.

I will wake you up tomorrow and you will swim again"

Zhou Yan was suddenly interrupted, but he still couldn't react.

Jiang Jinjin shook his head hurriedly, "No more, you get up too early, I want to sleep a little longer."

It's too hard to get up at six or seven in the morning.

This topic has been diverted unconsciously.

Zhou Yan didn't even know what happened.

Jiang Jinjin pays attention to the stock market every day.

It has to be said that Zhou Mingfeng really has good talent.

He is indeed a man who will become the richest man in the future.

The several stocks he recommends have risen very well.

It can be said that most of Jiang Jinjin's daily happiness is due to stocks.

Yes, round up, which is given by Zhou Mingfeng.

Jiang Jinjin is fantasizing that if this continues, with the current upward trend, it will not be a problem for her to earn more than 10,000 yuan a day.

While fantasizing, she received a WeChat message from a new colleague named Edwin.

Edwin is very good, and did not send out a voice note of up to fifty seconds, but sent a small message of a few hundred words.

He informed her they will have a half-day shift, and the two of them are going to another company to participate in a conference translation.

Edwin also added a very interesting sentence: [This job was originally for another colleague.

She has something to do.

So she asked me.

She said that she can pay us a day's salary.

Do you want to]

Jiang Jinjin: [No problem.]

No wonder she sees it right away at this company, as if she has returned to her own company.

Who doesn't love such an atmosphere

Before transmigrated, her company was also very good, but if a colleague asks for leave, the work will naturally be divided among others.

It must be unpaid, so although everyone is considerate of whoever asks for leave, after all, when someone encounters a problem, the workload will suddenly increase, and there will be a little unhappiness.

This colleague is so nice! If you ask other colleagues to do the work temporarily, you will still be paid!

Of course, this makes Jiang Jinjin more certain: it really is the world of fiction.

In the afternoon, she arrived at the company mentioned by Edwin on time.

Edwin waited at the door and said to her: "There is an important document that hasn't been brought in.

The company sent someone to deliver it.

It should be here soon."

As soon as the voice fell, the elevator door opened.

When Jiang Jinjin and Zhou Yan faced each other, their eyes widened.

What's the situation

Both of them have a look which can be perfectly expressed with a question mark.

However, the more this happens, the more the tacit understanding will be tested.

Although Jiang Jinjin and Zhou Yan have known each other for a short time, it is clear that they have a certain tacit understanding.

At this moment, neither of them said anything.

What, people who don't know, such as Edwin, didn't realize that they knew each other.

Zhou Yan sent out the document, "Brother Li, this is the document."

He was still sweating profusely, apparently running all the way.

Edwin is also very interesting, "I'll give you a hundred yuan, thank you for your hard work, you can buy something to eat and drink."

Zhou Yan refused, "The company also paid attendance fees."

"The company is the company, and I am me." Edwin said, "Come on, buy some milk tea.

By the way, I haven't introduced it to you yet, Jinjin, this is a part-time worker in the company.

Just call him Xiao Zhou."

Jiang Jinjin looked at Zhou Yan, and without a trace, moved her gaze to the Fortune Tree aside.

How could it be so coincidental.

Could it be that the company she is in is Zhou Yan's company as a porter.

This means that she has been working as an employee for Zhou Mingfeng...

She knows that the transmigration world is small, but she didn't expect it to be like this.

This is too...

"Hello," she said.

Zhou Yan: "..."

The atmosphere was a little embarrassing, but Edwin didn't think too much about it.

The greetings between strangers were like this.

He looked at Zhou Yan again, "Come on, Xiao Zhou, this is a new colleague from our group, you can just call her sister."

Zhou Yan looked at Jiang Jinjin, then at Edwin——

Sister Jinjin


Are you serious


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Thanks so much everyone for reading this translation.

Now let's try to hit 2k likes...]


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