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Seeing him standing in place like an idiot, she thought to herself.

The trick Yan Fei taught her wouldn’t be useless, right

“Would it make you feel better if I did this”

She raised her face to look at him.


“That’s good.” Shi Ning smiled contentedly at that.

Lin Suno took a step closer to her, and the already close distance between the two was less than an inch.

She watched him as his shadow enveloped her little by little and stared at the beautiful luster in his eyes that was like a whirlpool.

Shi Ning felt that she was about to fall into a bottomless pit.

Both of them suddenly had dry lips.

The stadium not far behind them suddenly resounded with screams as fans shouted Jin Sihan’s name to the point where it could be heard for ten miles around.

Amid such screams, he inclined his head and kissed her on the lips.

At first, he just touched it gently.

Seeing that Shi Ning did not resist, he began to take her lips and lick them tenderly.

Between the meeting of their breaths, Shi Ning heard him ask, “Like this, is it okay”

A current of electricity tingled Shi Ning’s whole body from top to bottom as she nodded her head while feeling dizzy.

He began to deepen the kiss.

“And what about this”

Being kissed by him so meticulously and tenderly, and hearing his extremely seductive voice, Shi Ning’s legs went soft.

She finally understood why Yan Fei said that she doesn’t know anything, handsome guy in the abstinence department was most attractive.

Wahhh can do anything, you can do anything!

Just please don’t ask her again.

Shi Ning was ashamed and nervous, feeling she was softened into a dough, and being kneaded by him.

His five fingers dug into her dark hair, closing his eyes and pouring his madness and longing into her.

Jin Sihan’s car drove out, he opened the window and waved at the fans outside one by one.

Suddenly, not far from the crowd, two kissing figures stole his sight.

The girl he likes ends up in the arms of another man.

Shi Ning was the slowest and most conservative girl he has ever seen in this regard, and Lin Suno was also the most ignorant man he has ever seen.

Before boys get along with boys, they would always make one or two impure jokes, even if he was a gentleman in front of girls.

However, Lin Suno was never like this, so much that many people in the class would think that he had no desire at all.

But these two people would actually kiss passionately in a public place, crowded at that where tens and thousands of people were surrounding them.

He closed the window and leaned against the seat.

“Crazy people, two crazy people.”

Ruan Tongtong heard him talking to himself and asked, “Who is it”

Jin Sihan smiled.

“It’s nothing.”

Since this was her choice, he respects it.

Tonight’s song, as well as his trembling kiss in her hair, was both a confession and a farewell.

When Shi Ning and Lin Suno went back, it started to rain.

They took a bus to the school gate and bought an umbrella near the school gate.

At first, it was two people walking with an umbrella, but slowly the rain got heavier and heavier.

“You’re wearing white shoes today.” Lin Suno suddenly spoke up.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to wash them when I get back.” Shi Ning looked at his own small white shoes pensively.

“Take it.” He shoved the umbrella into her hand.

Shi Ning took the umbrella and saw him bend down.

“I’ll carry you.”

“No need, I can walk by myself, I’ll just wash my shoes.” Shi Ning said in a hurry.

Line Suno inclined his head and said, “How long do you want me to stay in this position”

Shi Ning climbed on his back, one arm around his shoulders while the other hand held the umbrella.

He carried as he walked slowly, but steadily.

Shi Ning’s head rested on his back, feeling sweet inside.

Suddenly, as if she thought of something, she laughed.

“What are you laughing at” Lin Suno asked.

Shi Ning: “I was thinking, it’s a good thing you didn’t tell me you liked me in high school, otherwise I would not be able to devote myself to my studies 100% if were so happy in love.”

Lin Suno curved his lips: “Even if I told you at that time, you would not accept me ah, after all, at that time, you do not like me yet, right”

The person on his back was silent for a short while and muttered in a small voice, “Who said that.”


“Who says I didn’t like you in high school.”

He took a pause before he continued walking slowly.

“Now that I think about it, I seem to have liked you a long time ago.

It’s just that you were aware that you liked me but I didn’t know I liked you.”

He was the only target she wanted to beat throughout high school, and her eyes had been long drawn to him.

She wanted to beat him but was secretly happy for him every time he did better than she did on the test.

She wants to guard him more than to defeat him, the three boys were always fighting, but she was unconsciously biased towards him every time, always afraid that the next person would bully him.

Being childhood friends was rooted for a long time so she was unaware of the feelings she had was more than just childhood friends.

“Nono, let me tell you a secret, okay.”

“You tell me.”

“On New Year’s Day, the winter break of my senior year, do you remember the phone call I made to say Happy New Year to you”

“Remember, what’s wrong.”

“At that time I received a text from all three of you at the same time, but I, for one, only called you back.”

Their story was never about his unrequited love alone, but about the crush of two people coming true.


So guys finally the main story is finished, it was one hell of a ride so it’s now time to say good bye…is what I want to say but noohhh!!! We still have side storiesss!!!

Side stories and being an unprofessional translator aside …

I like the story, this was the main reason why I picked up the story—I just love cliché…but

As a reader with my own standard and biased judgment, the story was rushed, the author rushed to finish the story… I mean I love that Lin Suno and Shi Ning end up with each other but author-nim did not put up a good fight for Nan Xiao, especially Jin Sihan..

I love how they continue to pursue their dreams and all but da*n when the story was nearing its end the drama just got bland~ though I still like it but c’mon, author-nim should have given more screen time for Jin Sihan and Nan Xiao, it was if all that rivalry was—I don’t how to explain it, maybe because I feel like in between before ending the main story author-nim could have added more chapters… I was just a little disappointed but welp overall I still like the story but not as much as I started reading it before~

But will see, maybe I’ll change my mind after the side stories!!!~

Anyways!! I hope you guys enjoy this ride (with my poor and unprofessional translation) If you have some novels that you want me to translate, join our discord, comment, and tag me and let me see if I can squeeze some time (tehee)

See you on the side storiesss!~


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